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One simple impassioned prompt from a friend is all it takes to make a recommendation for a game, but are things really all that simple when non-game apps are involved? Not really, which is something that derives from the fact that games are essentially a pastime, while plenty of the other apps have some sort of practical functionality. How can you know for sure if someone needs the same kind of gadgets and widgets that you find so incredibly useful?


Luckily, there are some things that unite us all, and it’s very likely that, at some point in your life, you will need one of the apps we’re about to list down. Most of them are available, with no discrimination, for devices that operate either on Android or iOS, while some might get transferred to the other operating system one day. After all, we live a modern era, and it’s easier now than ever before for people to give feedback through social networks. So, it’s only a matter of time before word spreads and successful apps reach both platforms.

#1 Google Maps (Free)
Although there are some devices that come with pre-installed Google Maps, there are instances where you need to download it manually. Should you even bother to do it? Absolutely! Google Maps is useful for any situation, from traveling to getting lost in your hometown and to needing to localize a nearby store or bank. As technology develops, the updates and improvements added to this iconic app continue to make it easier and easier to use in real time.

#2 WhatsApp (Free)
Alright, sure, some people may want to stick to the traditional phone usage and SMSing alone. This means that you may not be interested in any fancy add-on apps since all you care about is communicating with other human beings. There’s a fancy add-on app to help you there too, actually! WhatsApp is the world’s most popular instant messaging app, which allows you to phone or message anyone in the world with zero expenses – assuming you have an Internet connection, of course.

#3 Dropbox (Free)
A good alternative is Google Drive, but we chose to go with Dropbox simply because it has an easier to grasp interface. Cloud storage apps are growing in popularity if only for the fact that traditional storage methods (such as SD cards) can’t exactly keep up with the influx of data and information flowing through our devices lately. All you need is an account and Internet connection, and you have a storage space for all your precious information.

#4 Evernote (Free)
Smartphones have also turned into electronic agendas for many of us. So, if you want to rid yourself of that leather-strapped tiny notebook that’s full of phone numbers and appointment dates you struggle to find, just swap it for Evernote. Evernote is an app dedicated to organized memos and notes, which also comes with several other useful features, such as offline functions.

#5 Google Calendar (Free)
Another app useful for all the busy bees out there, Google Calendar is more than just your average Nokia oldie calendar showing the days of the year all the way up to 2870. A recent update brought in a great aesthetic bonus, as well as improved functionality granted by the “Schedule View” option, which focuses on bringing to your attention events in the near future.

#6 Spotify (Free/Premium Option)
There are those of us who also use our phones as a music player. In this case, there are plenty of music-related apps that you can choose from. There are too many, some may argue. Assuming you want to live the professional musical experience, Spotify is the app you need to focus on. It grants access to libraries, to user-created playlists, and it all comes for free, as long as you don’t mind ads here and there.

#7 News Republic (Free)
Leather-strapped agendas aren’t the only ones flying through the window. Newspapers are a dying breed as well, replaced by the much more accessible digital variants. If you wish to stay connected to world events, then a news app is a must for your phone. News Republic allows users to sort out the topics that interest them in order to create a tailored experience that puts forth only the things you actually care about.

#8 SwiftKey (Free)
You’ll never know the difference a special keyboard can make in your overall phone experience. The shift from standard oldie Nokia keyboards to the QWERTY types was enough of a cultural shock, but as time passed, even more tweaks and features came that allowed producers and app developers to release keyboards as intelligent as the phone itself. SwiftKey has a system that detects the words you’re about to type next. It’s customizable, and it has a reliable auto-correct system.

#9 Gmail (Free)
The days when there was fierce competition between various e-mail services are starting to be over, all thanks to Gmail and its constantly evolving nature that draws in more and more users. We reckon its attractiveness also has to do with the accessible and chic mobile version that is up for grabs for both Android and iOS users.

#10 Pocket (Free)
Last but not least, we give you the app of the procrastinator. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help us find a cure for it but, rather, it allows us to save links to articles or videos that we’re too busy to read at the moment. Funny YouTube cat videos will never get lost again because Pocket ensures that we’ll remember we need to check it out.

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