Android Google dashboard tipsYour Android Device must be synced with your Google account for you to download apps, access location and many other Google services.

By doing this you also register your Phone or Tab with Google and Google keeps some of the activity and information from the registered device,  in order to manage your Android Device in a certain manner.

In this post we discuss such features that Google offers and they are amazing.



Get your Phone’s IMEI number even when you lost It


We all know dialing *#06# displays the IMEI number, but what if your phone gets stolen or is lost and you never bother to copy and keep it, or even don’t have the invoice of your purchased.


Log in to Google dashboard

You will see a list of various Google services and their history you have ever used, click on Android select the device you need in case you have multiple devices registered under the current account, and you will be able to see the IMEI number right after the model name.

Find IMEI of lost android phone Find Missing phone In our Home, office or somewhere you have misplaced


In the above image you can see the highlighted link Manage active devices click on that a new window comes up with couple of options you need to click on Ring, when you are not able to find your phone or tab in your home,office or nearby.

ring your phone androidNow your phone will ring out loud note: It even works when silent mode is enabled, but in order to work it must be connected with Internet.

In case you lost it out somewhere click on the locate icon on the top, If access to my location is enabled on your phone it can trace the location of your phone on the map.


Lock your Phone Remotely

You can lock your phone in case the phone is lost or stolen, it will replace your current lock screen with new a password or add a new password you input and lock the device, so that the person who finds it will not be able to access it.

lock android phone remotely

Factory Reset and Erase data

Factory reset your lost or stolen Android device if you have sensitive data in your phone, this will also delete all the data in your phone (not from SD card), after you have factory reset your Android device, you will no longer be able to access your phone on Android device manager as it will also remove the Google account you need to add one later.

erase all data androidAndroid has amazing features and they gets better with every new release and updates let us know if you know some more.

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