free up space on androidIn this Era of Smartphones and tablets we watch most of our favorite songs and videos online , we can keep all your files on Cloud like DropBox and Google drive, we can easily maintain our smartphones without using a SD card or consume much storage from phone’s internal memory.

But most of the phone’s memory is consumed by apps and cached data, lets take some steps to reduce space occupied by our phone.


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Delete Or move Old Media’s sent on Messenger or WhatsApp


Whenever you receive videos, images or other media files on your messenger app it stores locally on your phone, consuming your disk space.

To clear some of the old and no longer needed files, Open up Files and Browse the apps folder for example on WhatsApp open Media Folder under files, then find WhatsApp Video,Calls, Audio and images folder you can either delete or move to your SD card. learn how to disable automatic download of media on WhatsApp. This also fixes frequent error “WhatsApp insufficient Storage”.



Move Apps to SD Card or USB Storage


If the Developer support the apps to work from SD card you can move Apps to Sd card and get more space. To do this go to settings > Applications then tab on any application which you have later downloaded and you can find move to SD card or Move to Usb storage tab on that and move.

move apps to sd cardUse CCleaner cccleaner-androidYes Our favorite CCleaner is also available on Android Phone now clean application cache, download folders, browser history, clipboard content and more.


Storage Analyser


The best app to Explore files and folder inside your Android Phone, delete no longer necessary data directly from the app. No need for external file managers, copy and Move files directly from the App.

storage analyzer


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Leave your comments, if you have any better idea to free up space on your android phone or tablet and how do you do.

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August 28, 2016

Whatsapp is not sending videos to other contacts from my phnone and it is saying that there is no enough disc space what to do

September 11, 2016

The above applies for me. Also I have a SD card but it still will not allow me to move applications to my SD card. The icon on my screen is faint , which basically saying that it is not an option to do so. Samsung Galaxy J5.