Facetime on Android

If you have heard a lot about Facetime which comes with iOS devices and wondering what Android users can do? You can Probably switch to an iPhone or have a look at the Facetime alternatives for android, which off course is best option. bottom line: It will not completely replicate iOS Facetime feature.





Skype is the best video calling app. It has been around since 2003.  You can video call as well as make group calls, voice calls, and even text messaging. Calling or messaging between is free ans. Skype is available for all the platforms.


Google Hangouts

google hangouts

With  Hangouts you can SMS, MMS, make audio calls, and video calls with groups and one-on-one. You need to have a Google account to be able to use Hangouts. Available for both Android, iOS, and on the web.




Viber allows you to place voice & Video calls with any Viber user anywhere in the world, for free. Viber is available on Windows Phone, Desktop, Ios, Blackberry, Nokia and Android.


Facebook Messenger

facebook messnger

With the launch of Video calling feature Facebook messenger makes in to the list, with over more than 1.44 billion monthly active Facebook users (March 31, 2015) Facebook messenger is one of the best alternative to Facetime.




Tango allows you to make free video calls, voice calls and send free text messages. Free video chat over any device.


Which one of these is the best alternative to Facetime do let us know, in the comments section.

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