whatsapp on pc with chrome
WhatsApp yesterday launched web based chatting client for Computers that only works on Chrome for now, we expect more browsers will be added soon.

iOS users will not be able to use this feature due to Apple platform limitations, it works on Windows and Android, Nokia S60 and Blackberry mobile devices.

Lets get started with this real quick and connect  WhatsApp web based client on Pc with Chrome.



To get started, on your computer open up https://web.whatsapp.com/ on your Chrome browser, you will see a screen with a QR image.

Make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp on your mobile older version does not support this feature.

Now open your latest updated WhatsApp on your mobile, click on Menu and Find WhatsApp web tab on that, you will a screen were a scanner is running and its looking for the QR code which you can see on Chrome web browser on your computer.

scan for qr on whatsapp

As you can see the camera scanner is running, now carefully focus on the QR code on your web browser, make sure you are holding your mobile at certain distance (30 centimeter approx) that it can see the whole QR code and hold it for at least 3-5 seconds and do not move or shake your mobile as the scanner meter on WhatsApp is scanning automatically.

And Voila ! your web browser tab will turn into WhatsApp web application.



What else ?

It has all the features that Mobile app has.

Whatapps on webbrowser
You can send images, Emojis voice messages, turn on desktop notifications, selecting keep me sign in option enable you to quickly get in to WhatsApp on web browser without the need to sign in every time by scanning QR code, however you can logout any time you want.

Note: Your Mobile must be connected to internet for web client to work.


How to send Audio on WhatsApp Web client

Click on the microphone icon and allow Web client to access your computer microphone just click on allow on the popup.

send audio on whatsapp webWhat next ?

Enjoy WhatsApp and let us know if this post was helpful for you.

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