How to Transfer Contacts From Android to iPhoneChanging Your Phone NO PROBLEM ! Now you can very easily transfer all your contacts from an Android phone to iPhone or Ipad without the need of any Usb cable or need to sync with Google contacts or you need any computer.

Refer to this guide if you want to transfer contacts from iPhone to android.


Lets get started, On your Android phone click on phone and then open contacts then tap on menu and click manage contacts for latest Android Devices just tab on contacts and tap on import/export contacts.

Export-import contacts-androidAnd you will see couple of options to import/export contacts click on the option Export to USB storage, you will get a pop up asking for your confirmation click on OK.

export contacts 2-Now it will Export all your contacts under My files folder with name Contacts.vcf locate My files folder and find Contacts.vcf.

contacts vcfselect it and hold the tab button for more than 3 seconds till you see  a window with couple of options. We are looking for Share via option see the image below.Export-import contacts-android (2)

Click on Share via you will get a pop up with couple of options to choose from we are looking for gmail or email or even drive will work we just need to access the contacts.vcf file from and iphone choose whats best for you Bluetooth, whatsApp,Skype,Dropbox, whatever you like make sure you can access it from your iPhone. In my case I am going to send it through gmail as an attachment to my email address, and I will later open my iPhones web browser and open up Gmail and download the attachment.

Export-import contacts-android 4Open your Gmail id on iphone and download the attached contacts.vcf. After you have downloaded it on your iPhone,tap on it and you will get an option to add your contacts to your iPhone or Ipad that’s it ! Now check your contacts app.


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