use Android as webcamDon’t have a Webcam on your computer ? No problem now you can you use your Android phone or Tablet as a webcam all you need to have is Droidcam App on your Phone and Pc with a Wireless connection or a Usb.

In next few minutes You will learn how to use Android as a Webcam on your Computer scroll down.


Convert your Android device into a webcam




Download DroidCam app on your Android


Download DroidCam client on Computer


Install the apps on your Android and Computer [note: note run droidcam client on your computer as an administrator it may failed to install couple of times keep running it will get installed]


Your Computer and Android phone must be connected with Wireless Now open droid cam on your Android phone we are looking for Wifi Ip:

Droid app android

Now on open the Droidcam client which you have installed on your computer, enter the ip address on device IP input click on start and there you are make sure you keep the Droidcam app on your Android is Open and your mobile camera is focus on you to see your self.

droidcamclientSelect USB  Icon the DroidCam Client on your computer if you are connected with a USB and then click on start.


Now lets setup Android webcam on Skype.

→ Log in to your skype account.

→ Click on Tools > options or Ctrt + (comma) , together

→ On the left navigation select video settings

→ On select Webcam drop down select Droid source mini (240p) and save.

android as webcam on skype

That’s it Enjoy using your android as Webcam, let us know if you have any better app and ideas.

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