Lets see a quick specification of Moto G

OS   Android v4.4.4 (KitKat)

Processor 1.2   GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, Quad Core

Graphics Adreno 305, 450 MHz Single Core

Resolution HD, 720 x 1280 Pixels

Primary Camera  8 Megapixel

Secondary Camera Yes, 2 Megapixel

Memory 1 GB RAM

Most quoted user reviews:

” Excellent phone with lot of features at cheap price “

We can say that Moto G is a super cool phone with high definition screen performs excellent. The best feature Moto G has is security, Motorola’s own ‘Device ID’ system, where you can register the handset and locate it later on, if you misplace it and cloud-based upload service where you can preserve your photos and videos.

Lets Explore additional features tips and tricks.


1.Transfer data from your old phone to Moto G with Motorola Migrate :

Transfer data from your old phone to Moto G with Motorola Migrate – See more at:
Transfer data from your old phone to Moto G with Motorola Migrate – See more at:

With Motorola Migrate App  you can move the most important content from your old to your new phone in just a few steps, wirelessly.


2. Control your phone with your voice :

Just activate Google now and you can control your smartphone with your voice .

simply by saying “OK Google.” When you are on the home screen or even in lock screen,  from settings and turn On Google now  then simply say “OK Google” and you will be prompted to give your next command, which can be anything from ask Google to navigate or to set an alarm.


screenshot google now


3. Take screenshots  with your Moto G : Take a screenshot simply press the volume down and power button together. The captured screenshot will be deposited in your phone’s gallery.


4.  With HP’s Cloud Printing application  you can print any document wirelessly.


5. Encrypt data on your Moto G phone : This is a security feature will let you encrypt (password protect) your apps, accounts, settings, and their data, media and other files. To encrypt your Moto G –  Go to : Settings > Security > Encrypt

Note: Forgetting password requires factory reset be careful.


6. Rebooting  your Moto G in safe mode: Got stuck ? Reboot in safe mod.

icon-arrow-right Long press the power button on your Moto G

icon-arrow-right Long press the power off option on the screen and you get the option as “Reboot to safe mode”


7. Recover lost notification : did you cleared your notification without seeing it? No problem see it back, go to Widgets > Settings shortcut > Notifications.


8. Get detail information :  *#*#4636#*#* and get usage statistics, battery information, phone information, and WiFi information.


9 Get help with Moto care Moto G comes with Moto Care,  which helps you troubleshoot any sort of problems with your device. It has tips, tutorials, and gives suggestions based on usage of the device. You can also the call or chat options and have conversation with a support executive.


10. Take multiple photos: The advantage With Moto G is Instead of having to enter a different shooting mode or tinker, all you have to do is hold your finger down on the screen, and the camera will keep snapping as long as your finger remains in contact with the display.


11. Moto assist app Moto G comes with Assist app that can view any upcoming meetings you have stored in your calendar and silence the phone during these periods so your phone won’t makes any noise in the middle of a conversation, you can also set a time at night were you would like your phone to remain silent.


12. Increase storage via USB  Moto G comes with a service call OTG (on the go) OTG  lets connect the Moto G to an external flash drive or hard drive were you can copy your data.

HP’s Cloud Printing application
Control your phone with your voice
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