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Probably WhatsApp is the most favorite messaging app we have, its beautifully designed fast and so simple to use, its popularity is growing tremendously.


On an average more than 1 million users registers WhatsApp daily [source], more than 30 billion messages are exchanged daily.[source].


Now lets see how much we know about this wonderful messaging app.


1. You Know How to use WhatsApp on your Computer



2. You can change your WhatsApp Mobile number

change whatapp number

If you would like to change your WhatsApp number tab on settings > click on Account and then change number enter your old number and then the new one which you would like to keep.


3. You can hide your “Last Seen.” Status.

lastseen whatsapp



4. Do not allow your profile picture to be seen by people outside contact list.

profile photo privacy whatsapp

On Android Phone open WhatsApp click on settings then > Account and then > privacy select Profile photo on the pop up Window select your desired option.


5. Save data: Stop  media from automatically downloading.

media settings whatsapp


Your friends are sending you photos and videos, you can prevent them downloading automatically on your phone while you are using cellular data and watch them by downloading it later if you really want to.

Go to settings > open chat settings > click on Media auto-download, here you can setup on which data plan you want WhatsApp to automatically download Audio, Video and Images.


Tip: Choose No Media when roaming or using cellular data.



6. You Know How to block or Unblock someone.



7. You know if Someone Has Blocked You on WhatsApp.



8. Don’t let Anyone Know you have read their message

read receipts whatsapp


Uncheck Read receipts from Settings > Accounts > Privacy  under messaging and whenever you read a message instead of blue checks the user will see grey checks, which means message has been delivered but not read.


9. Backup Conversationsbackup conversations whatsapp

Worried about loosing all your chats ? just go to Settings > then Chat settings>  and then click on Backup conversation.



10. Create fake WhatsApp Conversations and prank your friends.



11. Create a Conversation Shortcut with someone you often Chat.

conversation shortcut

Open WhatsApp hold on the person’s name or a group keep holding till you see the above screen and click on add conversation to shortcut, a shortcut will be created on the home screen.


Do let us know if you know some more in the comments section.

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