Google nowGoogle now is getting better with every update, Google keeps adding new voice commands and cards with latest updates.

Google now is an intelligent digital personal assistance giving you the ability to manage,remind search for and organize your on voice command within your phone.

Scroll down to get the most out of your Google now.


Get traffic alerts


To get traffic alerts for Home and Work, set your home and work locations, open Google Maps and Go to My Places in Google Maps and click on the arrow next to “Home” and “Work” and select edit type in your  full address of your home and office.


Take pictures, record videos, play music

Latest Google Now Voice Commands:

You can now say “take a picture’ or “record videos” to use your camera.

Say “Play Some Music” to play your I’m feeling lucky radio on Google Play Music

Say “Cancel subscription” services the  you wish to terminate.


Share your location

You can share your current location with the people and circles you choose across Google products such as Google+ and Google Now.

Set up Location Sharing: You must turn on location reporting on Google plus just go to settings and location settings and enable it.


Do Math with Google now : Say

“2 + 2 equals ” do any calculation

“What is percent of ” ask percentage

“Convert into ” do conversions


Relevant image search

Ask “image of sunset” or a logo of … or “show me photos at …” photos of kittens or  image of any celebrity.


Time & Date
“What time is it in [City name]?”
“When is the sunset [any city name]”
”What is the time zone of [country]”
“Time at home”


Get reminders

google now tv show reminderIf you search for a TV show, music artist, actor or filmmaker on Google Now, you will find at the bottom of the search card a “Remind you about new episodes?” option. Click on it to enable and Google Now will automatically remind you if there is a new update.

Voice commands, to set reminders “Remind me to at 12pm ” or an set alarm “Wake me up in ”.



To send a message  to someone through WhatsApp, follow these steps:

Say “Okay Google, send a WhatsApp message to <name>” [Example: John]
Google Now gets ready to take your message. This takes few seconds.
Now say the actual message, [Example: Hi, john how are you]
Confirm by saying yes to send.


Get many more with Commandr app.

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