Watch your backlinksWhy Should you care about Backlinks?

Having backlinks is as simple as trying to get links that points to your website that drives traffic to your website and also increases page rank in search results. Having said so you must know how many sites points their links to your domain, so that you can build more and increase traffic and get better page rank on search engines.

In this post we discuss some of the online tools where you can check your sites backlinks for free.


Rank signal

rank signalRank Signal is an awesome online tool to check your backlinks, you need to register to explore all the websites from where you are getting backlinks. However without registering it will show you the total number of backlinks with 5 domains which have your links.

Simply register to view all its free, you can also get Ranksingals chrome extension.



small seo toolsSmalseotools Shows all the links that has also been shared on social networks and bookmarking sites.


Google webmasters


With Google webmasters view the complete report and top domains that links to your site login to Google Webmasters verify your domain (ignore if you already have) Select your domain and expand search traffic click on links to your site you see the total links and the site names who links most just click on the more and get the complete details you can even download it can and research more to improve sites performance.


Check out Backlinkwatch


Majestic Backlink Analyzer is Available for Firefox and Chrome.


Now type this code “”-site:yoursite on Google search and it will show you all the pages that links your site in our case it “”

This Google code is ultimate key to check your backlinks.



checkyourlinkpopularityCheckyourlinkpopularity Is also a free online backlink checker tool that gives you complete details of all the sites that links you.



openlinkprofilerOpenLinkprofiler is free to use, You can view the backlinks of your website together with information such as link influence, link anchor text, nofollow, link age, country, and much more.



AhrefAhref runs an updated backlinks every 15 minutes to get the latest index of the links on websites its one of the favorite for many Seo gurus and website owners.It also provides competition on keywords that your site use.


Open Site Explorer

open site explorerOpen Site Explorer It comes with a premium and free plan, free version allows you a maximun of 3 searches for a domain a day while the paid version allows unlimited search.

Let us know whom you rely on.

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