mood liftingThere are too many reasons why we need some entertaining sources to lift up our mood throughout the day to get into this. However, it is a general truth that everybody needs to plug out of their daily routine. When you do that, here are the 10 best fun and entertainment web pages to find your sense of humor again.





1. College Humor

This website founded by two students is intended for kids of all ages, from 18 to 49. Even though they rely much on video, articles, and images, their philosophy is to create original content. And they are excellent at keeping their word. You are going to enjoy CollegeHumor for their bites of love and relationship funny anecdotes, movie sarcasm, food drama, surreal products and images that are real, life hacks, and politics seen through the irony lens. As the physical media is disappearing, the online world comes up with this kind of entertaining news sources.



 2. 9GAG

9GAG is a list of funny or mind blowing posts that will make you lose track of the entire day. You might want to spend just two minutes here, but you are going to close the website in at least half an hour. So, be careful about it.

The content is actually created by the community members themselves. This web page is thought to be the creator of memes. These are a collection of funny pics, and each of them is intended to represent a certain general situation like a penguin for a socially awkward moment or a certain boy called Brian that represents a person who only has bad luck. You write your own experience related to image you selected and post it for everyone to see, but anonymously of course.




3. Cracked

This website wants to shed light on the modern trends, misconceptions, and history by mostly making fun of how ridiculous some of the human’s thoughts can be. So, get ready to learn some mind-blowing facts about industries like science, music, television, tech, and others. The writers from Cracked are also aiming to provoke your own way of thinking with obscure facts backed by researchers. So, did you know that there’s no such thing as calorie-burning foods? There’s a busted myth that will also improve your lifestyle.



 4. The Nicest Place on the Internet

There is an end of the Internet, and it is the nicest place on the web. The sole purpose of this digital place is to lift your mood. Whoever you might be, you surely know by now that life isn’t always fair with us mortals. Once in a while, everybody needs a hug. So, it is only normal that in The Nicest Place on the Internet you will be greeted with lots of warm kisses, hugs, and smiles. That’s the friendliest side of the web you can possibly find. You can contribute to the collection of heart melting hugs with your own video. Enjoy!


5. Weave Silk

Sometimes, all you need is a creative moment to restore your faith in yourself. With Silk, you have the canvas of a Universe to draw your emotions on. Even though it might sound like one, it is not a regular drawing software. Instead of a brush or pencil, you get to create your art with a tool that seems to be a volatile line of energy. This tool designs harmonious shapes that can be anything but bad work. You will be proud of your result. You can share your work with your friends or save it for a desktop image.



 6. Reddit

Reddit is the obscure member of social media platforms. However, it can be more fun or informative than any other website where you created a profile. Facebook has its own funny pages too, but Reddit is about the collective work of a community, so the impact of their posts is exponentially higher.  If you want to have the time of your life alone, you can open an account and explore thousands of threads and subreddits. Here are some of the best categories to start the mood lifting mission: Funny for obvious reasons, Aww for an overload of cuteness, or Reverse Gifs to see how you can put your beard back with your razor among other supernatural wonders.



7. The Oatmeal

Get ready for some modern anti-heroes that most people can relate to. Their lives are a series of miserable events, but the characters refuse to see them as nothing but some funny situations. So, no matter how unfortunate your day is, they will still manage to steal you a smile. The creators behind TheOatmeal are best known for their original comics. The designing style is purely hilarious and brings to life some crazy ideas like how would it be if your dogs were some middle-aged persons.



8. Draw a Stickman

You don’t need a lot of stuff to spend your time in an entertaining way. In fact, all you need is imagination. The guys from Draw a Stickman understood how simple is to create an interactive game. They have blended interactive storytelling with basic design skills that anyone has. So, you can start a wonderful journey by just drawing a stickman anytime you feel like it.




Nostalgia is a controversial feeling that people usually put it somewhere in between positive and negative feelings. That’s because you are happy enough to recall a long-lost memory, yet sad enough that you can’t go back in time to that precise moment. Whichever it might be, nostalgia is powerful enough to unburden you of your present troubles and guide you back to a beautiful place. So, will surely lift your spirits by playing you the musical hits from the past. You will get to remember your first kiss, your first rock concert, and many other wonderful beginnings.



10. Akinator

You might think that there’s no way an online software can play a society game, like “Guess whom I am thinking about?” but Akinator will prove you wrong. Open the website and think of any celebrity dead or alive. With just a few questions that you can answer with “Yes,” “No,” “Don’t know,” “Probably,” “Probably not,” the genie will magically guess your mind.


So, these are the 10 best entertaining websites that will surely lift up your mood. Make sure you give them a try, and you’ll be in for tons of fun hours.


Author: Alex Moore

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