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Certain things are simply insanely pleasing to the human eye, mainly out of aesthetic reasons, but it doesn’t always stop there. Whether it’s a certain artistic process or a random natural phenomenon, we take great pleasure in simply watching them unfold before our eyes and leave us positively stunned. It’s a bit strange, to be honest, but if it makes us feel good inside there’s no reason not to look at it. For that reason, I’ve dug up a few abnormally satisfying videos to share with you today, so I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I have.



1. Carving a Wooden Sphere

This master wood crafter demonstrates his incredible skill by literally taking an entire stump and forming it into a perfectly shaped sphere. He gets a little bit too close for comfort at one point, seeing as the machine is spinning a very heavy piece of wood at very high speeds, but as expected he skillfully handles it, getting rid of the excess wood to ultimately form a wooden ball in an exhilaratingly satisfying 14 minutes.


2. Clam Digging in the Sand

This one is about a seemingly ordinary man searching for clams at his local beach, but what gets me here is the contraption he uses and what it does to the sand. It extracts a perfectly shaped cylindric load of sand, thoroughly examining it and checking if he’s gotten lucky and managed to pull out a clam. Until the end of the video he even stumbles upon an air bubble hole under which he finds a few more clams, and his excitement is simply priceless.


3. Microwaving Soap

There are certain things you should never put in a microwave, for relatively obvious reasons (well, obvious if you’ve ever been reckless enough to try them, I guess). Raw eggs simply blow up and make a huge mess, while sticking a metal fork or a CD can actually cause some pretty nasty sparks that can end up damaging it. This guy is obviously not the type to be afraid of sticking weird stuff in his microwave, so he puts a big bar of soap in there, kicks it into high gear and watches as the soap pleasingly melts/dissolves into a wonderful wad of foam. Yum!


4. White Blood Cells at Work

Everything looks cooler under a microscope, and this white blood cell chasing bacteria is no exception. It almost has a certain comical quality to it as the tiny bacteria tries to evade the monstrous-looking white blood cell, only to ultimately be assimilated into it when the big guy catches up.


5. An All-Lego Ball Transporting Machine

Everyone has some fond memories of legos from their childhood and the awesome stuff they used to make with it, but this guy takes it to a whole new level. This here is an all-lego machine used to actually handle and transport little balls and… that’s it, basically. The “machine” has everything that a real-scale one would – claws, grabbers, conveyor belts etc., and it actually does the job really well. I can’t imagine how long it must’ve taken this guy to put all of this together and make it perfectly functional, and I don’t think I even want to know.


6. Masterful Pottery

If you’ve ever watched someone do pottery, you know that it’s one of the most satisfying things you can witness, especially when it’s performed by a master. What strikes me is how easy this person makes it look as he conjures a pot out of the clay as if by sheer magic – only to effortlessly lift it up seconds after he’s done and add it to a square block he’s prepared beforehand.


7. Speed Painting Superheroes

Speed painting is a trend that’s becoming increasingly popular on the Internet, and after looking at this video I can see why. The thing is that I actually thought the guy was done with the picture about half-way in the video, only to continue to be amazed at the sheer amount of detail he kept introducing. Truly spectacular.


8. Steel Cutting Under a Microscope

It’s downright amazing what the simple act of magnifying a manufacturing process can do, and this video is sheer proof of that. Believe it or not, this is a simple cutting tool making its way through a layer of steel, but through the lens of a microscope it becomes this strange, abstract-looking fluffy mass effortlessly being removed from its source, and it’s simply impossible to stop watching it.


9. Friction Drill Cuts through Metal like Butter

Friction drilling is a process in which heat and friction energy from a drill are combined to make precise holes in a certain material, most often metal. Check out this power drill seamlessly make its way through a thick piece of metal like it was nothing, reaching temperatures high enough to take on a bright-red blow (at least 1100 °C or 600 °C).


10. Making a Metal Chess Piece

Finally, this video of a machine carving out a perfect chess piece from a cylindric piece of aluminum will leave you utterly breathless. It’s truly amazing how uniquely precise these machines have become, and honestly now it’s pretty hard to imagine how long it would take a human being to do the same thing by hand. Yay for automation!


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