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It’s official and undeniable – the market place is global across every single industry. No matter what your business actually does, there’s no way you only ever interact with local and domestic contacts. For that reason alone, it has become a vital asset to learn another language. It’s also great for your development personally, and can form a fun hobby, especially if you throw yourself into the culture and discover new food, movies, and music. The following social media resources can prove to be a huge help in learning a new language.



1. Busuu

Busuu is an award-winning game that works like an interactive game, so you never even feel like you’re stuck in a classroom learning boring grammar rules. The lessons are comprehensive, covering reading, writing, speaking, and listening, and best of all, a lot of the features for the site are completely free.




If you want to combine social media with traditional teaching and learning methods, then Palabea is the place for you. This is a social media tool that is community based, all the while offering virtual classrooms, and downloads from accredited schools and colleges. You have the benefits of a fun environment, as well as real resources that you can trust.



3. Wikipedia

This may sound a little too straight forward to some people, but bear in mind that Wikipedia is available in multiple languages, so you can look up pages and facts in their original language. There are also pages devoted to grammar structure and verb conjugation, which can be an amazingly helpful point of reference.




4. Lang 8

Lang 8 is a really original resource in that it helps you be both a teacher and student in a really reciprocal community. You make a profile and indicate which language you are learning, and then native speakers help you out. You can also then help people who are learning your native language, so this is great for inclusiveness.



5. BBC Languages

For a few years now the BBC has offered some really amazing and effective online learning programs. They’re fun, free, and interactive, plus they’re easy to fit into a busy schedule. They’ve expanded this feature to include 33 languages, whether you want to learn basic words and phrases or really advance and improve.



6. UK Top Writers

When you’re learning another language, it can be a good idea to check on your progress formally at some point. This could mean writing a sample and sending it off to a professional editor or proof reader and getting feedback that you can really learn from.



7. Babbel

Babbel has really taken the world by storm in how it teaches languages, which are in bite size 15 minute blocks that you can do every day, or multiple times a day. These small classes are effective and can really improve your language. The only issue is that only European languages are offered.



8. My Happy Planet

This is a great way to connect with a native speaker of the language you’re learning, while you can also push yourself with video and written lessons that members have posted.




9. Ad Week

When you’re learning language for a business, this is a great site to pick the language most relevant to you, and also keep up with developments in that country. It can even help you figure out how to grow your business there.




10. Italki

If you prefer one on one lessons with someone you can get to know then this is perfect for you. You can find a learning partner and really get to understand each other, and also make the most of the resources available on this site.


Learning a language no longer needs to take place in a stuffy classroom, instead you can use social media to learn in a fun, interactive, and effective environment.



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