Google is not just a search engine giant, it offers you with so many other products and services. But  if you are not a tech savvy you might just be knowing about few of them like Google Plus, Google drive, Gmail and other popular services.



Today we are making a list of as many as 150+, you might be surprised knowing, Google provides so many services, and we are still missing many, there are many more to count.


Search tools


  1. Google Search is a web search engine, which is Google’s core product.
  2. PageRank – link analysis algorithm.
  3. Snapshots – mechanism that indexes PDFs, Word documents, and more.
  4. Google Search functionality – Google Search includes Boolean logical operators, wildcards, and more, to help users refine their searches.
  5. Multiple languages – Google Search is supported by a large number of different languages.
  6. Author Rank – The idea that an online author can have topical authority within Google Search Results.
  7. Experimental Search – options for testing new interfaces while searching with Google, including Timeline views and keyboard shortcuts.
  8. Encrypted Search – The encrypted search can be accessed at
  9. Google Alerts – email notification service, which sends alerts based on chosen search terms, whenever there are new results.
  10. Google Custom Search – allows a user to create a customized search experience for his/her own website.
  11. Google Finance – searchable US business news, opinion, and financial data.
  12. Google Groups – web and email discussion service and Usenet archive.
  13. Google Hotel Finder – Provides searches similar to other Online Travel Agencies (Travel website) that searchers can search for check-in and check-out dates.
  14. Google Flight Search – a service that allows users to search for flights from many airlines.
  15. Google Image Search – image search engine.
  16. Language Tools – Collection of linguistic applications, including one that allows users to translate text or web pages from one language to another.
  17. Movies – specialized search engine that obtains show times of films near a user-entered location.
  18. Google News – automated news compilation service and search engine for news
  19. Google Patent Search – search engine to search through millions of patents, each result with its own page, including drawings, claims and citations.
  20. Google Recipe View – lets you narrow your search results to show only recipes
  21. Suggest – auto-completion in search results while typing to give popular searches.
  22. Google Video – video search engine and online store for clips internally submitted by companies and the general public.
  23. Voice Local Search – non-premium phone service for searching and contacting local businesses.
  24. Knowledge Graph – a knowledge base used to enhance search results with semantic information gathered from several sources.
  25. Zagat – a source of consumer survey-based information for restaurants and other leisure activities.


Advertising services.


  1. AdMob is a mobile advertising network.
  2. Google AdSense – advertising solution to web publishers
  3. Google Ad Planner – Ad Planner has been replaced with Google Display Planner.
  4. Google AdWords – advertise with Google AdWords ads in the Sponsored Links.
  5. Adwords Express – Local online advertising made easy
  6. Google Certification Program – Google AdWords partner certification program.
  7. DoubleClick – ad management and ad serving technology foundation for buyers, creators and sellers of digital media.
  8. Google Grants – in-kind donation program awarding free AdWords advertising.


Communication and publishing tools


  1. FeedBurner – news feed management services, including feed traffic analysis and advertising facilities.
  2. Google Keep – Note Keeping (Like Evernote)
  3. Google 3D Warehouse – online service that hosts 3D models of existing objects.
  4. Google Apps –Provides apps, download and install.
  5. Blogger – weblog publishing tool.
  6. Google Bookmarks – free online bookmark storage service, available to Google Account holders .
  7. – personalized shopping experience that let users find and discover fashion goods
  8. Google Business Solutions – collection of services offered by Google.
  9. Google Calendar – free online calendar.
  10. Google Docs – document, spreadsheet, drawing, survey, and presentation application.
  11. Google Domains — a domain hosting service, with website publishing capabilities.
  12. Google Drive – an online backup service and storage space. This service is connected with Google Docs.
  13. Google Hangouts – an instant messaging and video chat platform
  14. Google Helpouts – Hangout-based live video chat with experts. (closed since April 20, 2015)
  15. Gmail (also termed Google Mail) – free webmail IMAP and POP email service provided by Google.
  16. Google Inbox – an email app for Android, iOS, and web platforms.
  17. – URL shortener.
  18. Google Moderator – Google’s moderator service.
  19. Google+ – Google’s social networking service.
  20. Panoramio – Photos of the world.
  21. Picasa Web Albums – Online photo sharing, with integration with the main Picasa program.
  22. Google profile – allows controlling how users appear and present themselves on Google products.
  23. Questions and Answers- Community-driven knowledge market website.
  24. Google Sites (was Jotspot) – Website creation tool for private or public groups, for both personal and corporate use.
  25. SMS Channels (Google India only) – allows users to create and subscribe to channels over SMS.
  26. Google Voice (United States only) – known as “GrandCentral” is a free voice communication system.
  27. Google Fonts – interactive directory of free hosted web font-API’s.
  28. YouTube – free video sharing Web site.
  29. Google Ventures – Google Ventures is a radically different kind of venture-capital fund.
  30. Google Classroom – Google Classroom is a content management system for schools.
  31. Development toolsAngularJS – AngularJS is a toolset for building the framework most suited to your application development.
  32. Angular-Material – Implementation of Material Design in Angular.js.
  33. Google Web Components – A collection of web components for Google APIs & services.
  34. Google App Engine – tool that allows developers to write and run web applications.
  35. Google Developers (was Google Code) – Google’s site for developers interested in Google-related development..
  36. Dart – it is a structured web programming language developed by Google.
  37. Go  – compiled, concurrent programming language developed by Google.
  38. OpenSocial – set of common APIs for building social applications on many websites.
  39. Google PageSpeed Tools – tool for helping developers to optimize the performance of their webpages.
  40. Google Swiffy – tool that converts Adobe Flash files (SWF) into HTML5.
  41. Google Web Toolkit – open source Java software development framework.
  42. Webmaster Tools (was Google Sitemaps): Sitemap submission and analysis for the Sitemaps protocol
  43. Translator Toolkit – collaborated translation tool.


Security tools


  1. reCAPTCHA – a user-dialogue system use to prevent bots from accessing websites.
  2. Google Map Maker – Map editor used to submit changes to Google Maps.
  3. Google Maps – Mapping service that indexes streets and displays satellite and street-level imagery, providing driving directions and local business search.
  4. Google Street View-  is a technology featured in Google Maps and Google Earth that provides panoramic views from positions along many streets in the world
  5. Google Business Photos – A 360°, interactive tour. Customers will be able to truly experience a business by walking around, exploring, and interacting with the business using the same Street View technology.
  6. Google My Maps – Social custom map making tool based on Google Maps.
  7. Google Maps Coordinate – an enterprise-only “workforce management tool”.
  8. Google Maps Gallery – Collection of data and historic maps
  9. Google Mars – imagery of Mars using the Google Maps interface. Elevation, visible imagery and infrared imagery can be shown.
  10. Google Moon – NASA imagery of the moon through the Google Maps interface.
  11. Google Sky – Internet tool to view stars and galaxies.
  12. Google Transit – Public transport trip planning through the Google Maps.
  13. Zygote Body (previously Google Body) – 3D anatomical model of human body.Statistical tools.
  14. Google Analytics – Traffic statistics generator for defined websites.
  15. Google Consumer Surveys – Market research tool similar to Survata.
  16. Google Correlate – Search patterns relating to real world trends.
  17. Google Fusion Tables – Tool for gathering and visualizing arbitrary data.
  18. Trendalyzer – Data trend viewing platform to make nations’ statistics accessible on the Internet in an animated, interactive graph form.
  19. Google Trends – Graph plotting application for Web Search statistics, showing the popularity of particular search terms over time.
  20. Zeitgeist – Collection of lists of the most frequent search queries.
  21. Google Activity Report – A service that provides a monthly report including about your Google usage, including sign-in, 3rd party authentication changes, Gmail usage, calendar, web searches, and YouTube.

Operating systems


  1. Android – Linux-based operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.
  2. Chrome OS – Linux-based operating system designed by Google to work exclusively with web applications.
  3. Google TV – smart TV platform that integrates Android and the Linux version of Google Chrome.
  4. Android Wear – A version of Google’s Android operating system designed for smartwatches and other wearables.
  5. Android Auto – A version of Android made for automobiles by Google with the help of the Open Automotive Alliance
  6. Android TV – A version of Android made for TVs. Similar to Google TV


Desktop applications


  1. AdWords Editor – desktop application to manage a Google AdWords account.
  2. Google Chrome – web browser.
  3. Build with Chrome – a initiative between Lego and Google to build the world using Lego.
  4. Google Earth – virtual 3D globe that uses satellite imagery, aerial photography, GIS from Google’s repository.
  5. IME – input method editor that allows users to enter text in one of the supported languages using a Roman keyboard.
  6. Google Japanese Input – Japanese input method editor.
  7. Picasa – photo organization and editing application, providing photo library options and simple effects.
  8. Google Pinyin – input method editor that is used to convert Chinese Pinyin characters, which can be entered on Western-style keyboards, to Chinese characters.
  9. Quick Search Box – search box, based on Quicksilver, which allows easily viewing installed applications or performing online searches.
  10. Google Toolbar – web browser toolbar with features such as a Google Search box, pop-up blocker and ability for website owners to create buttons.
  11. Visigami – image search application screen saver that searches files from Google Images, Picasa and Flickr.
  12. Android Studio – development tool for Android.
  13. Google Web Designer – WYSIWYG editor for making rich HTML5 pages


These products can be accessed through a browser on a mobile device.


  1. Blogger Mobile – Allows updating Blogger blog from mobile devices.
  2. Google Calendar – Displays a list of all Google Calendar events on a mobile device.
  3. Drive – View documents on a mobile device, previously known as Google Docs.
  4. Gmail – access a Gmail account from a mobile device using a standard mobile web browser.
  5. Google Keep – Quickly create, access and organize notes, lists and photos with Google Keep.
  6. Google Maps – Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps.
  7. Maps Navigation – Android navigation application for GPS-enabled mobile devices.
  8. Mobilizer – Optimizes web pages for mobile web browsers.
  9. Google News – Allows user to access Google News in a mobile-optimized view.
  10. Google Offers – Works with Google Wallet to combine coupons, discounts, and payments for people buying things through their phone.
  11. Picasa Web Albums – Allows viewing, sharing photo albums that are stored online on Picasa.
  12. Google Product Search – Updated version of the prior Froogle Mobile that allows users to easily search for information about a product.
  13. Google Photos – Provides unlimited video and photo storage for personal use.
  14. Google Search – Search the world’s information, including webpages, images, videos and more.
  15. Google Search for Android – A Google Search app for the Android operating system.
  16. Google Wallet – Android app that makes your phone your wallet using near field communication, or NFC; its virtual plastic card.
  17. Google Currents – Interactive magazine.
  18. Google Translate – Google’s free online language translation service instantly translates text and web pages.
  19. YouTube – Video hosting service that publishes to a public web site available for both desktop and mobile.
  20. Gmail –  Gmail app on Mobile.
  21. Drive – Drive app on mobile
  22. Google Keep – mobile application which integrates note-taking and web surfing.
  23. Listen – downloadable application from Google Labs for subscribing to and streaming podcasts and Web audio.
  24. Google Maps – mobile application to view maps on mobile devices.


Google has many more mobile apps see the complete lists here.




  1. Google Search Appliance – a search appliance designed for indexing corporate data.
  2. Google driverless car – a driverless car.
  3. Nexus One – Smartphone running the Android open source mobile operating system.
  4. Nexus S – Smartphone running the Android open source mobile operating system, version 4.1 “Jelly Bean”
  5. Galaxy Nexus – Smartphone running the Android open source mobile operating system, version 4.3 “Jelly Bean”.
  6. Google TV – Smart TV interface running on smart TVs and set-top boxes.
  7. Nexus Q – Media-streaming entertainment device in the Google Nexus product family. Discontinued.
  8. Nexus Google Nexus is a line of consumer electronic devices that run the Android operating system
  9. Chromebook – Laptop personal computer running Chrome OS.
  10. Chromebook Pixel – High end laptop computer designed by Google running Chrome OS.
  11. Chromebox – Desktop personal computer running Chrome OS.
  12. Chromecast – A media streaming adapter produced by Google.
  13. Google Glass – a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display and camera.
  14. Google Contact Lens – a contact lens capable of monitoring the user’s glucose level in tears.




  1. Google Cloud Platform – a set of modular cloud-based services for software development.
  2. Google Crisis Response – public project, which covers ongoing and past disasters, turmoils and other emergencies and alerts.
  3. Google Public DNS – publicly accessible DNS server run by Google.
  4. Google Ideas – a cross-sector, inter-disciplinary “think tank” or “think/do tank”  dedicated to understanding global challenges and applying technological solutions.
  5. Google Person Finder – an open source tool that helps people reconnect with others in the aftermath of a disaster.
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