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If you are new to email lists or if you have had one for some time then it may be time to evaluate your strategies and update them.


Why would you want an email list?


Email marketing is an important part of any reaching your potential customers or clients.


> The benefits of an email marketing program are:


It is inexpensive not only to you but your clients

There is more room for writing and even visuals than a text message

It is quick and easy

It builds relationships with customers or clients


Those are just a few of the many benefits of an email marketing program. However in order to use email marketing; you need an email list.



16 Ways to Grow Your Email List


As we said above you will need an email list, unless you have been doing email marketing already. If you have already been doing email marketing your email list may not be growing as much as you would like; just follow the steps here to update your strategies to grow your email list.


1> Add an opt-in to your email or on your blog. For email here is how you would add an opt in: go to email settings, under the general tab scroll down to the signature section, place the link you are going to use which takes people to a landing page, blog, or a particular article that offers great value.


2> Use social media to help grow your email list by creating an opt-in link on Facebook, linked in, twitter, stumpleupon, digg, or other networking social media platforms.
3> Minimize the number of clicks it takes to subscribe. If people need to click more than twice they will stop and move on.


4> Change your sign up copy. If you are still using subscribe or opt-in on your button it is time to rethink that and make better copy for your button. How to do this is to keep it short and make sure that it has value and relevance. Here is an example: Take me to my e-book or Download my bonus
5> Promote an online contest such as a free giveaway; get people to submit their email address to sign up for the contest. Just make sure that you are giving them something of value. An example of this could be Enter to win $10.00 off your order.


6> Give more control to readers as to what and how often they receive your emails. Maybe they would just like special updates on news or sales or maybe they would like a monthly email with the top stories. You get the idea here; they have control so instead of opting out they can change the frequency and what type of mail they receive from you. To do this; create multiple email subscription types.


7> Create new free online tools and have people sign up with their email address. Tools that fit your industry. As an example if you are in the mortgage industry offer free tools such as; a mortgage calculator or a tool to find the lowest interest rates available.


8> Remove distractions. Too many widgets on the sidebars or graphics for that matter can be distracting; as well as slow down the load time. You do not want your potential customers leaving without signing up because it took too long to load.


9> Use YouTube and add call to action or a URL in your videos. This is to encourage people to subscribe and the URL should be to one of your landing pages where they sign up.


10> On your website keep your sign up button on the homepage or main page of your blog. Then link offers that capture email signups throughout your site or blog that will bring them to the page with the button on it. Keep that button so that they do not have to hunt for it.


11> Do not ask for information you do not need. Examples are names, phone numbers, state or country. Unless you need that information for some reason just stay with the email address.


12> Be sure to make people aware that you will NEVER give their email address to another party.  Privacy is a big issue with many people; if you tell them upfront that your email address is only for use for what they are specifically signing up for they will be more at ease on signing up.


13> Create great content and by great it should be informative and offer value. If the content has value people will want to read it and then pass it on to friends. Great content starts with good writing and research.


14> Add opt-ins to the end of articles. People who finish an article are more likely to opt-in for more information on topics that are related to what they just read.


15> When guest blogging; include a call to action and put your link for readers to subscribe to your mail list in the author byline. The link can be to your blog or email database for newsletter.


16> Let your readers forward their email to friends or family by including a social sharing button and or an email forwarding link. With social sharing everyone who is on their list will also see it.
When upgrading and updating your email list to encourage sign ups, you have to start with your best writing websites page and offer valuable informative content.




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