google instant searchesI’ am pretty sure if you use Google search sometime you might have seen instant result to your search queries, Google is just amazing search engine which never fails to provide fastest search result.


And today we have around 20 keywords which provides us instant answer on Google search.


1 > My Flight status and other flights

If you have signed in to your Google account and search my flights you can view the status of your flight on search page. Google will look upon transactions messages which were made during booking a ticket flight name, date, city etc… unfortunately I do not have any at this time.

flight statusBut  surely you can get the flight status of  by using the flight number.

check fligt statusAnd also the Flight schedules.

schedule flight status

2 > Check the Chemical Formula

Just type the name of the element followed by formula to get its chemical formula you can also find density,chemical name etc.

chemical formula


3 > Net Worths

Want to know how much net worth a billionaire has? just type Net worth followed by person or company.

net worth


4 > Best Movies

I’am not sure about you but I always look for foreign movies.

best movies search


5 > Use the Calculator Instantly

multiply, divide, subtract, add yes use the calculator

calculatar google


6 > Translate

language convertor


7 > Get  the definition

Faster than your dictionary


8 > Festival Dates

Replaces your home calendar


festival dates


9 > Get Currency data



10 > Some General knowledge

general knowledge


11 > Public Data



12 > Get the one you missed


13 > Know your Location & Nearby

my location


14 > Know your Ip address [Public ip]

public ip addres

15 > Stock Information

Type the company name and know the status of company’s stock.

stock information



16 > Know the time in your zone

time now

17 > Know the time in other region

time any city

18 > Unit Conversion

unit conversion


19 > Get the whether info

whether info

20 > Play Game

google instant search game

Type paceman and search to play game instantly.


Leave your comments and do let us know if you have some more interesting keywords that displays instant answer on Google search.

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