iosgamesEvery year, hundreds of apps are released for Apple devices. Every year, hundreds of apps are released for Apple devices.


The best-chosen designs are then given an award. 2017 is no different as Apple whose main platform is iOS has selected and awarded the best-designed apps that stand out from the rest. Buying an iPhone can look like a milestone. However, finding apps that fit your needs as well as are compatible with the system of the phone is where the challenge starts. So instead of exhausting your space with so many unnecessary apps, here are the 6 best-designed iOS apps of 2017 you should try.

Blackbox  blackbox If you are one of those active gamers that love puzzle games, then Blackbox is a must have on your Apple device. This app ranks top not only because it is well designed but also for bringing a fresh perspective on puzzle games for iOS devices. When playing this game, the user is required to think outside the box so as to illuminate the correct boxes.

Part of the strategy of winning every level is to flip and even tilt the touch screen so as to light up the boxes. If you have been stuck on a particular level for long, you can purchase hints from the app store. This is unlike any other puzzle you have ever tried as it has more than 50 levels which require you to combine the different features of phones such as camera without actually touching the screen.  You will need to use creativity to unlock the next level.

What will help you solve each puzzle is to use features such as turning the volume up or down, changing screen brightness or going as far as plugging in the headphone jack pin.To get a one of a kind experience, the download Blackbox and see how many levels you can concur without using a single hint!

Kitchen stories kitchen stories One of the main attraction sites of cooking apps is their use of vivid and tantalizing imagery, and Kitchen Storiesis no different. This app is for all the foodies who love to cook as well as discover new recipes. The app comes with easy to follow cooking instructions and even includes step by step formats.

As you try out the different delicious dishes given by variouschefs, then you gain and expand your cooking knowledge and skills. Kitchen stories also feature HD videos of recipes that will give you a chance of getting the meal right. Even though the app is aimed to attract readers and novices in the kitchen; the high-quality photos will further motivate you to try and replicate the meal as it appears on the screen. With this app, you can cook many different recipes which include pasta, desserts and vegan meals. The user-friendly interface, high-qualityimages, and step by step video instruction make Kitchen stories one of the best cooking apps for iOS devices. The best thing is you can even find it for android through the playstore or find out more on APK Advisor.

Severed severed   No other game on ios platform makes use of the touchscreen to control the game and makes you feel like a warrior than Severed. In the game, you have to control Sasha as she roams around the world to find her missing family members. The game is enjoyable because it features animated creatures and colorful yet creepy environment for playing. The music enhances the depth of the game as it changes when you meet different obstacles.

Despite having a simple control system, Severed uses different hacking techniques to defeat the enemies promptly. Like a one-armed warrior, you will have to move through jungles, temples and other thrilling areas and fight all enemies encountered while ensuring your combat meter doesn’t run out.

Bear bear Bear is one of the best iOS app and for a good reason. It has a sleek design and eye-catching topography that portray writing as a fun and creative process. What makes Bear different and the top note-taking app is that it uses simplicity to capture ideas in a distraction free environment. It also provides organization by allowing users to group notes that have similar hashtags. Instead of having to write full sentences, you can use keyboard shortcuts on the app to make your sentence structure clear. Bear continues to reinvent itself so as to simplify and make better the note taking process.

Things 3


Things 3 is a well-designed task manager app for Apple products such as iPhone and iPad. This app has an impressive visual design that is incomparable to other apps doing the same function. The white background makes the written task pop out which means the words will be easily seen and comprehended. You can further make your tasks livelier by changing fonts, adding a pop of color and including cute icons. Things 3 does a perfect job of taskentry, and you can even include due date and priority without cluttering the page. Magic plus button for adding new tasks instead of the standard plus sign. You can drag the buttonon different parts of the screen when you need to add more data. This app also supports theinclusion of data like atime-based reminder, checklists, notes, and deadline.

Enlight enlight With many photo editing apps available for Apple devices, Enlight has practical and creative features that can help you manipulate your photos. This app ranks amongst the top as it has many numerous features that will help push the limits of the functionality of the iPhone camera. You will never be overwhelmed by all the available features as the app comes with a tutorial which will put all the needed skills at your fingertips.

Enlight incorporates all your images into its interface to make it easier for a user to edit or make any changes to a photo. You can even use the reshape option to make your image appear blotted. For those who want to give their images impressive, then use this app to add amazing effects such as sketches, paintings, and double exposure.   From games, photo editing, taking notes to cooking, these are the best apps that everyone with an iOS device needs to have.

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