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Sometimes we are stucked when some online apps or websites asks us to register to unlock the full features or to make a comment, now technically I do not want to do this and sign in or make a comment using my email id, as this websites may start sending me promotional emails or any new updates.

Here is the screen shot of my outlook junk emails, I have been receiving a lot these days as I have signed up on many web directories in the past up using one of my email id.


spam emails outlook screen shot

The problem with using any fake email id to register is that it doesn’t works when they may send a confirmation email link to verify.

Today we discuss how we can avoid using our own email address and still verify and save our Inbox from getting Junk or promotional emails.

Promotional emails and newsletters are sometime good if its about discounts or new features but with few services.

Tip: Stop Spam emails coming in your Yahoo ! inbox spam filtering

Stop Spam emails coming in your Gmail through Spam filtering



Fake Email Generator

fake email address

As soon as you launch Fake email address generator Its ready with a temporary email address you have the option select different domain from the list.

Now copy the email address and if you want to temporarily sign-in or comment on any website and don’t want to use your real email address, Fake Email Generator will definitely help you as the page automatically receives any sent email which is in the dashboard you can simply verify your email address with the verification link sent after the signup.





GuerrillaMail is another way of creating disposable email the best thing about GuerrillaMail is that you can even compose and reply back from the fake email address which you have just created after launching the site.

They also provide you with the option to choose your own desired custom domain by paying 5 $.


GetairMail and 10 Minutes Mail are some more to mention which offers same the service.


Alias Feature in Gmail.


You might be aware of Alias feature in Gmail where you can setup additional email alias, the reason why I am saying about Gmail alias is that when you sign up using your email address to the websites you trust might it be Amazon, Ebay or Facebook you can use your custom alias which you have setup and can labeled on some other folder easily with filter option on Gmail, but the most important thing is that if they ever sell you email you can easily sue them.

Sometimes you might be surprised that how so many unknown peoples know your email and send promotional offers and spam ? the big reason somewhere you must have used your email id to sign up or to used your email id to make a comment or to download.


How to setup Gmail alias


→ Login to your Gmail account and click on the gear icon and from the dropdown options click on settings and go to accounts and imports Quick link click on Add another email address you own a pop up window comes up with name and email input option, on the name field type whatever you wish to, in my case I am going to name it Amazon shopping and suppose my email id is so I can create an Alias as you need your gmail alias+whatever click on next and its done.


gmail alias


So now I have created an alias just to register at Amazon to shop and if I start receiving spam and promotional emails from anyone on, I can be 100% sure my email was sold by Amazon.


Encrypt Your Email Address

Encrypt email
Learn here how to Encrypt email.





unroll Just sign up, see a list of all your subscription emails. Unroll me lets you unsubscribe instantly from whatever you don’t want.

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