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Creative artists who don’t use blogging as a marketing strategy are losing many potential admirers of their work. The biggest reason why photographers, painters, sculptors, architects and other types of visual artists stay away from blogging is that they are used to expressing their motion through works, not words.

However, the right tools can help you construct blog posts that will add more meaning to your creative work and present it to a wider audience. The following selection of websites, tools, and apps is mandatory for all creative artists who want to become successful bloggers.


1> Markerly


If a reader tries to clip or cut and paste contents from your blog, this tool will inform you about that. Why is that important for you? You’ll immediately know what content attracts visitors and what’s interesting enough for them to copy, share, and click on. You will also receive emails with stats on the popularity of your blog posts, so you’ll know how to keep up with the trends and attract more viewers.


2> NinjaEssays

ninja essay

So you invest a lot of effort, do your best and still cannot come up with a single blog posts? The About Me page is where artists usually get stuck. This part requires describing yourself in simple words, which is usually not easy for a creative soul. Getting stuck doesn’t mean that you should give up on blogging. The professional writers at will help you get started. At this website, you can rely on writers with degrees in different subject areas, including dance, architecture, music, visual art, creative writing, and more. They will help you complete not only the About Me section of your blog, but any other challenging posts as well. Don’t forget to chack review about Ninja Essays.


3> SquareSpace

square space

You are certainly aware of the fact that your ideas have a pattern of their own and you cannot plan their occurrence. Your brain works in interesting ways; ideas come when you least expect them and you easily lose their track if you don’t note them down. SquareSpace Note is the best tool that will help you record your thoughts on the fly and follow the track of your inspiration. You can synchronize your notes with Twitter, Evernote, email, Dropbox, and other popular services.


4> Xanga


In order to become a better writer and add more value to your blog posts, you need a daily practice. Don’t worry; that won’t take too much of your time if you use Xanga. The service will send you emails that ask how your day went. You can reply and build an uber cool collection of your daily events that will be interesting to read further on. Feel free to express your feelings and write as much as you want. These writings will remain private, so don’t be shy to express yourself through words. Writing is a form of art itself!


5> Evernote


evernote aswesome features you cannot miss

If you are like most creative artists, then you could use some work on your discipline. People aren’t born with the habit of being organized; they obtain it through will and commitment. Artists like to be messy, but that doesn’t mean that your mind should also be a mess. Evernote is a wonderful modern-day notebook where you can save all your thoughts and gather important online sources. You will categorize and organize the online resources you collect and easily reference them when you use them in your blog posts.



Everyone can be a decent writer with the help of the right tools!
There is no need to be scared of writing. The daily blogging routine will help you present your art in front of the world and reach out to many potential admirers. Allow the practice of blogging to show you its full potential before you consider giving up on it. The five tools we listed above will make you a more marketable artist in no time.



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