The marketing strategy for each business is supposed to be unique. There are different factors that determine the direction marketers are going to take, but there is one constant that remains unchanged: high-quality online content.


It doesn’t matter what products or services you are trying to promote; you have to attract a great deal of audience through great blog posts, social media updates, visual content, press releases, articles, and other types of content. With that in mind, check out these 12 tools that help you create awesome content:


1. Piktochart

You can use this infographic maker for free. You can create as many graphics as you need and access full editor functions submitting any payments. Infographics attract a lot of attention in the online world, since they are easy to comprehend and the viewers get tons of information in a short amount of time. With Piktochart, you can create your own long-form infographics that will draw more views to your site. In addition, the tool enables you to create reports, posters, and presentations.



2. Realtime Board

realtime board

If you’re collaborating with professional writers, developers, designers and marketers, you absolutely need this real-time brainstorming and collaboration tool. Thanks to this online whiteboard, you can easily start a collaboration session in a productive setting. You can use Realtime Board for gathering feedback, offering comments, and making updates on a team project.



3. EduGeeksClub

edugeeks club
Not everyone can write attractive content. If you want to promote a particular product or service with great success, everything depends upon the quality and relevance of the content you develop. If you don’t have a writer you can count on, feel free to ask for assistance at this website. EduGeeksClub enables you to collaborate with professional writers and editors, who will bring your ideas to realization.


4. Fotor

This image editing software is very easy to use, but it still produces outstanding results. Fotor enables you to capture lifelike photos, access an international community of photographers, and sell your work online. You’ll get tons of tutorials and guides that help you take great photographs. If you’re not a good photographer and you don’t have time to learn new techniques, you can purchase images from the Fotor community. In any case, you’ll be able to accompany the content with relevant images that will attract more attention.



5. Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast


You’ll often need to accompany your content with screenshots in order to explain how your website functions or provide visual information about the sites you’re recommending. Thanks to this Chrome extension, it’s really easy to take the screenshot you need. Once you capture the page (or the part you need), you’ll be able to edit the screenshot in a user-friendly interface.



6. Pixabay

At this website, you’ll find high-quality images that you can use for free. There are no copyrights and credits; you can simply download, modify, and feature the image in any way you want. You’ll be surprised with the quality and versatility of this content. All you need to do is type a keyword in the search bar, and you’ll get access to a great deal of images related to your topic.



7. Wideo

Your content marketing campaign should not be limited to text and the occasional images and infographics. People love videos! If you want to explain the functionalities of your website better, or you need to develop closer connection with your audience, then publishing a video is your best option. Use Wideo – an online editor that enables you to create professional video content in minutes.

8. Placeit

Mockup photos are cooler than you think. The good thing is that you don’t need Photoshop to create them; Placeit enables you to place your image within any phone/tablet/computer screen available in the database.

9. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator


You can’t think of a cool topic for the content you’re supposed to publish? This tool will help you get an idea. It asks you to think of 3 nouns related to your niche. Then, you should click the Give me blog topics button, and you’ll get a list of logical, attractive topics you can choose from. The algorithm is not perfect and you might need to edit some of the suggestions, but it’s definitely the best tool of this type that’s currently available for free.


10. Quickmeme

There is hardly a thing that’s more ‘shareable’ than a meme. If you have a great idea for a popular meme, then use this online tool to create it. Include the content in a funny blog post, or simply publish it via social media. Of course, you shouldn’t forget to add something that alludes to the brand you’re promoting.



11. Draft

It’s not easy to focus on writing when you’re using MS Word, Google Drive, or other tools packed with features that are driving your attention away from the task at hand. With Draft, you can write in a focused environment that’s boosting your productivity levels. The best part is that you can collaborate with writers and editors. The version control feature enables you to keep track of the changes, so you can always go back to a previous version if you don’t like the current one.


12. FileLab Audio Editor

You can use this online audio editor to create perfect podcasts. This type of content is very effective in online marketing, since it holds the attention of your audience much longer than text. With FileLab, you can edit mono, stereo and multichannel audio files to perfection. If you don’t like how certain parts sound, you easily cut them away. Plus, you can add different effects and filters that will make the audio file more captivating.

As every other digital marketer, you clearly know that content is the most important aspect of your work. Are you using the right tools that help you promote high-quality content that would give you an advantage over your competition? Start using the above-listed tools today!



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