Websites for funBored with all the usual stuff on web ? Don’t Worry there are pretty cool ways to waste time other then Facebook and Twitter.

If you are about to leave this page right away and don’t wanna learn new ways to waste more time on web here we have have something useful.


Still here? lets get started……


1. Heeeeeeeey Hoooooo

heeeyHeeeey Just check it out make sure your computer has audio enabled.


2. Staggering Beauty


StaggeringBeauty Just shake that worm as fast as you can.


3. Bury Me With My Money

Bury Me With My Money

Burry Me With My Money Red hat man falling down one by one.


4. RGB


RGB Flash colored Rgbsss


5. Sad For Japan

Sad for Japan
Sad for Japan Move the Japanese flag around on this site as it gleans on screen.


6. I love You Like A Fat Lady Loves Apples

I love you like a fat lady loves applesI love you like a fat lady loves apples Its a Game where you need to put apples in her mouth.


7. I Waste So Much

I Waste So Much
I Waste So Much Time is a collection of funny or interesting junk that we find online throughout our work day.


8.Koal as To The Max

Koal as To The Max Just click the ball and keep it multiplying by x4.


9. Draw a Stick Man

Draw a stick manDraw A Stick Man its quite fun and adventurous play the game and learn to creative.


10. Pollock

Pollock have fun painting.


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