create viral content Writing content on their sites is what everybody does. But no matter how much you write, it does not count if nobody reads it. For a content to go viral it has to be shared by a considerable number of people. With billions of users online all the time, it is not something which is impossible.

If there are billions of users then there are also millions of brands as well, which are competing with each other and trying to get themselves heard with the audience. It also has to be considered that it not only takes pure technique to create a contagious content but luck and chance as well. Being there at the right place and at the right time too counts.



Many aspire to create viral content but only handfuls actually achieve the desired results. What are the reasons for it? Why do many people fail in their endeavor? What is viral content marketing? How to create the right content for getting it viral? Read on further to know all these answers.

Things that can make content go viral

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Positive content has more chances of going viral than negative content.
Let’s be honest. Only humans make content viral, not robots. Humans are bound by emotion. If the content arouses human emotions like happiness, anger, envy, lust etc. then it has great chances of becoming viral.
Content which teaches something or is useful to people is most likely to be shared the most. A content which makes no sense will never become viral.



Tips for creating viral content

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Inspirational content

To understand the basic theory behind creating viral content it is also important to know about human nature, as everything is related to it. The world which we live in is an imperfect one. There is a lot of sadness and sorrow around and in such a case it is an inspirational content which pleases the users most. What makes them happy is what they will eventually share with their friends. Content which is able to uplift their spirits is what they need. So try to give them just that.



Practical content

If your content is only for the purpose of attaining new clients based on your business then it makes more sense to focus on a practical and useful content. Your content should provide users with exact instructions as to what to do next. Create a “next action” section for your content. This way the readers will remember you always.


Emotion arousing content

Content which is high on the emotional quotient tends to appeal to readers more. One should start with the title first to arouse emotions like awe, anger, hatred, smile, envy and above all surprise. Such content could be either negative or positive; it simply does not matter if it is able to strike the right chord of human emotions. To give an example in this regard a title I would write “The dethronement of King content”. It would surely surprise readers as to why I have written, that content is no longer relevant, which breaks the cliché’s of web designing. Breaking this cliche is also going to get some people angry and offended and forces them to share this content with friends who agree with them.

Get your facts and figures right

Content writing is journalism. A content writer is answerable to his readers if he provides in-correct or in-complete information. A writer should do proper research and educate himself first before writing on a subject. The content must be properly backed up with statistics and accurate figures. In-complete or misrepresented information is dangerous for readers and the content creator as well.

Spare a thought for the readers time

The readers are the ones who make the content viral and specific attention must be paid to the content which answers to their needs without eating too much of their time. No reader has spare time to go through a large content spread across 4 or 5 pages. Keep it short, simple and to the point. If you are using videos then avoid using too long a video. No one today has time to sit through a video which will last for half an hour.


Use multiple platforms

You can’t attain share ability and contagiousness with just sticking to one social media site only. There are lots of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many such more. All have dedicated and specified communities which can be your audience. This is what forms the basic essence of going really viral.
In short, even a very good content will not go viral on its own. It has to be groomed and given a perfect launch pad to soar the skies of popularity. Now the baton is passed on to your hands to carry on with the fine art of creating viral content by following these tips.



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Anna Brown is a social media marketing expert and viral content marketing specialist working with Xperts Infosoft, a New Delhi based Digital Marketing Company.

She has headed a number of Internet marketing campaigns for small and medium businesses. Check her out on Facebook or you could alternatively reach her on Twitter.

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