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Creating quality web content that also performs well in search engines is not as simple as it may seem. Writers and designers must consider various aspects of market analytics and popular culture during the research phase.


It can be difficult to complete the necessary tasks alone or even within a small team. However, it’s possible to use what technology offers to begin writing more engaging and better-optimized SEO content. Use the following tools to increase your productivity and to enhance interaction with your readers.


1. Plagtracker 


Plagtracker when you are publishing online content you never want to post copied or stolen material. This can ruin your reputation and damage your brand beyond repair. Be positive that your site is always offering 100% unique and original content by using Plagtracker’s unique checking algorithm.


2. Essay Mama Writers

eassy mama

Essay Mama Writers this writing service is composed of highly qualified professionals who can assist content writers in the proofreading, editing and research phases of the creation process. Their writers understand the difference in writing for the web and writing for an academic essay, and they also offer affordable rates and a blog full of inspiration.


3. Hemingway


Hemingway when writing for the web, Hemingway’s style is suiting. He was famous for communicating profound thoughts with short sentences and few words. The Hemingway editor will score your content’s overall readability and highlight issues like hard to read sentences and offer alternate word or phrase options.


4. Scoop it

scoop it this marketing tool enables users to build more effective links in order to increase blogs visibility and overall SEO results. The tool allows content creators to find influencers in a given niche and to better gauge where to focus their future work. The more people sharing your posts and similar content, the more new viewers you will obtain.


5. Placeit


Placeit  the reality is that majority of a site’s visitors don’t get to the end of every single post. You will need to include attractive and intriguing images and visual stimulation to keep their interest. Don’t waste time always creating new graphics from scratch or searching for copyright free images. Use Placeit to upload your own snapshots and to easily edit, overlap or rearrange visuals for site use.


6. Digg Digg

digg digg

Digg Digg this WordPress plug-in lets users access an all-in-one social sharing platform. The plug-in creates a floating bar with your entire collection of social share buttons, neatly presented in one place. If these are more convenient and attractive to viewers, the more clicks they are likely to get.


7. Canva


Canva if your site is struggling or lacking in visual design, then try Canva for an engaging boost of graphic structure. The site allows users to create infographics, flyers and posters in a simple and guided process.  No graphic design experience is necessary to succeed, and the tool will save loads of time. It will help to better grab the attention of your visitors and for longer periods of time.


8. AddThis


AddThis inspire your site’s visitors with this beautiful and simple tool. Businesses will be able to increase their digital marketing accuracy with AddThis reader solutions. Brands can access their on-demand and custom audiences to improve overall marketing impact.


9. Disqus


Disqus this easy to navigate search tool allows marketers and content creators to access the most recent and most popular information in the given market or niche. Users can start discussions of their own and start forming curated and effectively engaging materials for their audience.


10. Filament


Filament filament’s Flare has users first sign up with Google Analytics. From there, the tool allows users the chance to watch their total shares and growth across all networks, and to find the type of content that is being viewed most often in their given niche.


No matter where you need assistance, there is a tool accessible that can help. Review the given list and start enhancing your customer and viewer experience. Without full and active engagement, your site’s SEO results will plummet. And without engaging content, your audience won’t stick around for the next show.


Stay motivated, remain focused and remember that technology is your friend. When writing online content it’s best to seek advice and guidance, so that you and your marketing team’s efforts provide the best and most effective results.



Author’s bio:

 Julie Petersen is a content marketing specialist. Besides, she is the owner of AskPetersen writing blog and is a freelance copywriter. Contact Julie on Linkedin.

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