Running a website is no child’s play. The ever-increasing competition in the market makes it difficult for the businesses to stay ahead in the race. Well, as a matter of fact, launching and maintaining a website involves plenty of things, from high-quality templates and fonts to stock photos. Therefore, it is quite necessary to find the right resource for a project that can improve the quality of the final output, particularly if your deadline is too tight to make these elements yourself.


We have compiled a list of 8 best free resources that will help you speed up the process of building a website and improving its overall quality. Moreover, these tools are totally free to download and use.


1 Pssdd

psddd  whether you are looking for PSD’s for your about us page or icons for your site, is the place to be. is a simple and minimalist website that makes searching for specific free goods easy from the dribbble community. The very well designed look site allows you to search in various categories such as Icons, Devices, Elements, Kits, Wireframes, Misc and more. It also comes with a search button where you can type in any particular keyword to find the relevant freebies.


2. You The Designer


You The Designer You the Designer is the place for graphic designers where they can find articles and inspirations along with freebies. The website, You The Designer is a well-organized blog that offers a collection of free vectors, wallpapers, icons, textures, Photoshop brushes and more. It also offers creative insights from a plethora of resources – from artists to photographers who capture and modify the real world through their skills, to entrepreneurs who give us new visions.


3. FreePik


FreePik freePik is yet another amazing resource for web designers that provides you with a collection of stock photos, PSDs, SVGs, illustrations, and vector art. FreePik is a very well designed website that is free and categorized clearly to help you easily find the relevant freebies. FreePik comes with 1.4 million items to choose from and the number is still growing.


4. Google Fonts


Google Fonts is a product of Google where you can easily and conveniently look for the most  relevant font for your website from a huge font’s library. Google Fonts is by far the best resource to get web-friendly fonts for your website with a trust of Google, a well-known, and recognized name in the online world.


5.  By People

bypeople is one of the best sites for those who are always on the lookout for helpful and constantly updated resources. The website offers a huge collection of useful resources, code snippets for the web developers, up-to-date, clean and beautiful graphic freebies, and more. These freebies are organized in a list which can be downloaded in bulk.


6. Dribbble


Dribbble is a popular community of web designers, logo designers, typographers, icon artists, illustrators, graphic designer and other creative artists that showcase their skills and expertise along with their current or previous projects. Dribbble community is definitely a great place to discover new design ideas for your website.


7. FlyPixel


FlyPixel is a website which is designed by everyone for everyone. The website offers more than 834 freebies to choose from with a collection of UI elements, web templates, and Free PSDs. Beautifully designed website is sure to help you find the most suitable freebies for your next web designing project. The website is still work in progress and keeps adding new resources for its users.


8. Color Lovers


Color Lovers colors sure do wonders to your website. Whether you are building a simple informative blog or a business site, it is significant to use right colors to pull everything together. Color Lovers is the right place to find the best color combinations for your website. Get inspired with some perfect color combinations.


If we have missed any other popular resource, do take a moment to share it with us too!



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