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We all love Google they are the best when we come across the services they offer, all their products are so amazing that it makes us to explore more about Google,  if there is anything more we can find out that would be interesting to know about.


Doing so once I came up with do a barrel roll and found it amazing.

do a barrel roleFor those who don’t know just type Do a barrel roll and click on I am feeling lucky, and see the whole page will rotate.

There is another interesting search keyword Zerg Rush type Zerg Rush on Google search and hit enter or search and see what happens.


Wanna see how how Google looked in 1998 just type Google in 1998 and see the Retro version of Google.


Google Gravity Enter here and then just touch your mouse and move or move slightly see something very cool.


Search Tilt and you will see the result page is 15% rotated­VerifyAdminAccountPasswordReset link to reset your Google Apps password if your account is ever hacked (replace “YOURDOMAIN” with your DomainURL. Do you know Google tracks all you have been searching for


Search for related websites example just replace example with the website and you will see the results with websites related to the one you searched for.­SignUpWithoutGmail Sign up with out existing Google account instead of creating a new one.


Get all the results from the site you search for in the result page allenage Trace your own History­permissions check the lists of all the devices, apps mobiles that have access to your account. Select data to include or exculde, export all of your data contained within the Google.

google data

Let us know if you know more about hidden Google features.

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