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Sometimes accidentally we close the open tabs on browser or loose it when a browser crushes or closed with all multiple tabs opened, but in most cases browser when reopens after crash or unexpected shutdown informs us about if we would like to restore the last active sessions.



Today with this article you will learn How To Open Recently Closed Tab In Google Chrome, Firefox & Safari, Opera & IE



Internet Explorer

There are number of ways to reopen recently closed tabs on different versions of IE. But the most common and works for all versions is from tools option which can be viewed only by press ALT key.


By clicking on last browsing session will restore the last webpage you have opened.


last browsing session


But if IE crashes due to high memory usage or do not respond for long and closed forcefully when reopens it will prompt up with option to restore last session or launch the homepage for you.

restore tabs from iE



recently closed tabs firefox

Firefox all you need to do is hit ALT key and click on history choose recently closed tabs on the drop down you have the option to restore all tabs at once as well.


Like IE, Firefox will also reports about accidentally closed tabs when it crushes.

Tip: Enable, warn while attempt to close multiple tabs. Go to tools > options >General > tabs > icon-check check on option warn me while closing multiple tabs.




Ctrl+Shift+T reopens last closed tab on chrome or just right click on the top empty area to open last viewed page.

reopen last tab chrome


Chrome will also report if something goes wrong with it or computer was shutdown unexpectedly while chrome was open, restoring from this option will also automatically log you back if you were logged in to a webpage.

restore pages




safari recenty closed tabs

Its very simple for safari users, Click on > History, then select > Reopen Last Closed Window or All Windows from Last Session.





Click on opera icon on the top left corner and hover tabs and windows now navigate to closed tabs you will see the last opened tabs click on the webpage to reopen, or Just hit Ctrl+Shift+T to get this done at once.

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