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Did you know that a successful blog can get you 67% more leads than if you didn’t have one? There are so many benefits to blogging for your business, and for your brand! It not only gets you more traffic — either through organic searches or through social media, but this traffic can convert into leads. A successful blog helps establish your authority in the industry as well.

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Blogging is one of the most important strategies in content marketing. A content marketing strategy that combines

3-4 blogs posted weekly on your website;

sharing those blog posts on social media, especially Facebook, and

a weekly newsletter going to your subscribers talking about your week’s posts is simple and effective, to bring existing and new traffic back to your website.


Businesses that blog get 97% more links to their website.


A successful blog is one that consistently brings in traffic and gets everyone talking about it on social media channels. So, if you have a blog already or thinking of updating your blog for your business today, then you absolutely need to include these 10 ingredients to make it successful:


1> Use A Stellar Headline


Even if you have a stellar content — the one that took you days to write, proofread, edit and write some more? Yes, that. If you do not have a stellar headline that is irresistible, it is not going to be clicked, and then it is not going to be read. You need to draw people in even before they read your blog post completely. It is not easy to come up with the great headline. You need to write 10 of them before you pick the best one out of the lot. You can use online tools as, Long Tail Pro or Google’s Keyword Planner to get the right fit for your headline and also, to know the search volume.


2> Write A Fantastic Introduction

A fantastic introduction will nudge your readers to scroll further and read the rest of your blog post. If you thought coming up with a great headline was hard, you will see that writing a fantastic introduction is even hard. But it is not impossible. Your introduction can always begin with a quote, a thought provoking question, a mind-blowing statistic or an interesting metaphor. Brian Clark explains these points in detail in his post here.



3 > Use Persuasive Words

Of all the words in the English language there are a few words that can persuade people more than others. Once you understand your audience and what they want, using certain powerful words in your headline, in your introduction, and in the rest of your content will help keep the attention of your readers. If it is persuasive enough will also get shared on social media channels.

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4 > Write For Your Audience

Don’t start writing your blog just to bring traffic to your website. Get to know your audience. What are they excited about? What are their issues? A successful blog is not only informative but it is also interesting. So informative that your readers would want their friends to read it and will share it on social media as well.



5> Write with Passion

What are You excited about? Tell your audience. Write with passion, write about anything that you love. If you don’t like what you are writing, don’t expect your readers to stick around and love that blog post as well. When you write a blog post about something that you are passionate about, the sincerity will show.



6 > Keep Your Reader Engaged

Your blog post must be informative, yes, but not so dull with so much information that you make reader attend a snooze fest. If you are funny, let your blog post have some funny bits; your readers would come back for more. Write about a controversial topic, something opposite of what an influencer or the leader of the industry believes in. You could add cliffhanger points that keep your readers wanting more!



7 > Proofread and Edit Your Work

People do not like reading monkey blabber or long paragraphs. Your content needs to be brief and make sense at the same time. Besides, when you spend a lot of time writing a blog post your eyes can become immune to typographical errors. You need a fresh pair of eyes to skim through your work and give you constructive feedback to make it better.

Make sure your blog post is free of errors. You can do it yourself but using popular proofreading and editing tools such as the EditorWorld, EssayDot, or PolishMyWritingwill help you nitpick any grammatical errors or silly typos, faster.



8> Improve Text Layout

As mentioned in the earlier ingredient, readers are not encouraged to read large chunks of text, all at one go. Remember to use short sentences and even shorter paragraphs. To help guide your reader, use bullet points. Such a layout gives instant information and with a great impact.



9 > Use Relevant images

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The most successful bloggers spend a lot of time writing their headlines and introductions, and it takes them even longer to find the best images to suit their blog post. Images that are relevant to the topic keep the interest of the reader. Use a header for all your blog posts. This will get noticed on social media when you share the posts and also when readers cruise along your blog looking for more content to consume.



10. End Your blog with a Bang!

To encourage your reader to come back for more, make sure your ending is just as good as your beginning. You can summarize the whole blog post; you could say “feel free to comment or share” — end with a call to action or you could end it with a cliffhanger.


Your blog should be a piece of you, something that readers and potential leads will connect to. Remember to be authentic and keep your content fresh, write in a conversational tone to keep your readers hooked and make your blog post successful!



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