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In this article we explain you the easiest way to watch videos on Netflix,Hulu and listen to Pandora radio outside the US.

Netflix is an American provider for on-demand online streaming of media available in counties like America, Australia, New Zealand, South America and parts of Europe Netflix is coming to Italy, Spain, and Portugal later this year.

Pandora is personalized Radio station that plays only music you’ll love and Hulu allows you to watch your favorite Tv shows and Movies.


But these services are not available specially for the people living outside the United States [UK, Australia, some European countries and UK]. People living outside these countries cannot access Netflix, Pandora and Hulu and watch their favorite movies and Tv shows online.

Netflix is not available in your county yet.

netflix not working

At Hulu : Sorry, currently our video library can only be watched from within the united states.


At Pandora, we can no longer allow access to Pandora for listeners located outside of the U.S., Australia and New Zealand.

padora restrictions



How to access Netflix,Pandora and Hulu overseas



If you are living outside US or other region where Netflix, Pandora or Huly is not available, we need to bypass Geo restrictions with the help of VPN or other third party unblocking tools or services.


Here I am connected with Okay Freedom Vpn and I am able to access Netflix outside US.

netflix workingYou can also go for other VPN services that works like ;-


Nord VPN


Nord VPN  is available for $8/month, 6-month plans at $5/month and yearly plans at $4/month.




Hide My ass
Pricing 1 Month 11.52 $ 1 year at 6.55 $ / Month and 6 Months at 8.33 $ / Month.



Other Services

Apart from Vpn their are other services which unblocks country restrictions Like Zenmate and Media Hint.




ZenMate is browser extension available for all major browser with extension like Chrome, Firefox and Opera, they also have iOS and Android app. Its  reliable high speed solution for unblocking they tunnel connections, encrypt all your browser data and hide your IP, gives you ability to access any website from anywhere.



Media Hint

media hint
MediaHint unblocks videos, music, social media, news & sports.


Using these Vpn and other services you can watch Netflix from India, Spain, Germany or any country.

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