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Me – Myself and I, My  facts



Not sure whether these are funny, interesting or not. But I was able to make a list of more than 30 Random facts about me.


1. I cannot keep someone waiting for me.


2. I have obsession of buying T-shirts


3. I hate to talk to someone who does not listen properly


4. I once broke my friends carom board, still uncaught


5. I love to wear black


6. I like intellectual peoples


7. I love watching thriller movies


8. I am Tea and cigarette addict or combination of both.


9. Math and handwriting are my weakness


10. I quickly throw away chewing gum once the taste is over.


11. I am confused when I had to travel and stay some place and don’t have any idea what to do with the underwear I am wearing before bath.


12. My first crush was a news anchor on Doordarshan [don’t remember her name]


13. I used to eat sand when I was 8


14. Like every teen I had crush on my English Teacher


15. I will jump and ran away if I see onions and garlic put on hot oil


16. I am afraid of height; 4th floor is the limit


17. I hate dogs, cats; I stay away from them


18. Few years back I use to apply lot of powders on my face before sleeping


19. I love to eat roasted and boiled foods most.


20. I have watched a hell lot of movies in my life and listened more songs than any of my friends


21. I am stubborn sometimes and you will hate when I am.


22. If I like a song I will listen repeatedly


23. Once I hold my pee for more than 6 hours in bus, and then I peed on my water bottle inside the bus.


24. Once I told my childhood friend that he looks like an owl, that was last we talked about owl.


25. Once a girl slapped me in class, for putting stones in her water bottle


26. Oh found something, I am internet addict too


27. People easily read my mind and facial expression, I wish I can hide.


28. I research a lot almost about anything


29. Whenever I don’t know how to spell a word, I just use a different one and then fight to make it meaningful and eventually use Google it to spell correctly.


30. I chew my top lip when I have nothing to do or I am nervous.


31. I over eat things I love, so that it won’t obsess me anymore.


32. I always have an imaginary girl who loves me.


33. Most happiest moment when everyone at home Partying.


34. If I like someone I keep telling about things happening to me right now or happened in the past no matter they interested or not


35. I cannot stop myself from seeing things which are forbidden.
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