stop pop up ads coming in your browserHave you recently clicked any links that says Scan here for free, get exclusive coupons or have you installed any program that has changed your homepage and search provider  ?

Most probably if you install free programs from any un-trusted site or click ads that looks too attractive, it will secretly install a small program or stay as an extension in your browser which then changes your homepage, new tab url or pop-ups will start appearing any webpages you open.

I have gone through practically for the purpose of this post, see the images below, I opened a torrent website, it asks me to install java, whether you click on install now or  later same page will open and ask you to install Player ?,  I stopped doing this if I have to download any player I will download from Microsoft site or any other trusted site.

How pop up ads comes

pop up ads program

PCTechHotline and istart webssearches are some of the examples.

Look at the image below some days back I found my default homepage and the search provider change from Google to Istart websearch.



Lets gets started and and deal with this.

First of all lets remove this programs open control panel then go to programs and features .


Uninstall Pc Tech Hotline in fact you should remove all the programs for the publisher you don’t know, if you are not sure about the publisher Google it, in this case all the 3 programs are responsible for pop-ups and changes in browser settings.


Remove i websearches


Once you have uninstalled pop-ups will disappear from other webpages, but still your home page and search provider won’t be changed, you either need to change your home page manually of reset your browser.


On Chrome remove unwanted extensions type this chrome://extensions/ in your address bar, change home page type this in your address bar chrome://settings/search#home and then click on change to change your home page to your favorite URL, manage search provider chrome://settings/searchEngines select the search provider you like.

If you are still not satisfied reset your Chrome here chrome://settings/resetProfileSettings click on the reset, note resetting will remove all the history and the passwords you saved .



For Firefox Click CTRL+SHIFT+A together and it will open the addons window click extensions and remove the unwanted extensions, to reset Firefox enter about:support on the address bar and reset it.



For Internet Explorer: Go to control panel and the internet options on the general tab change your home page, if you click on the advance tab you will see the option to reset it.


Removing ads Via ADW cleaner ADW cleaner is an excellent tool that worked all the time whenever I worked on client’s computer.

download adw cleaner

AdwCleaner screenshot

Just download the ADW cleaner and click on the scan it will then scan folders, registry, shortcuts and browser after it completes click clean and then OK it will restart you computer.

Once after the restart it will open a log of the files got affected by scan.

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