Seo vs PpcThe difference between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) is how traffic is coming to your Blog or Website.

SEO is free a traffic, a search engine displays your content in the search results when a search keyword matches with content in your website. While PPC is a paid traffic that comes to you from the keywords for which you have paid to your advertiser to display  your contents on search results when someone use those keywords to search. In more single language  its call advertising , see the image below when I searched Seo tool I get two different types of results.

ppc seo results


SEO VS PPC Which is Better ?

Well, Seo has a lot of Advantages over PPC and SMM  have a look at the Infographic.

Seo Vs ppc Infographic


Would you Invest on PPC or Optimize or business with Seo ? Do let us know.

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