Stop-spam on gmail

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Are you tired of getting such emails and fake job offers, newsletters & promotions ?

Thankfully there is some sort of solutions to avoid them through gmail filter settings, lets set it up step by step.


Gmail Users how to use Gmail Filters



Log in to your Gmail account:

1. Click on the Gear (Settings) button under your G+ profile picture.

2. And then click on settings.

gmail settings

3. After you click settings you will be able to see some options under it, click on filters.

gmail filters

Scroll down and click on Create New filters and here our job starts.


4. Setting up keywords, subjects or email address you want to filter.


There we have options to filter our inbox with subjects,has words, from the email address.

An example: see in the image below i have entered an email address from were i used to receive lot of junk emails.

You also have the option to filter inbox through subjects as spam emails contains subjects that may be attractive.

Example Save Up to 80%, Get free, Earn money online.

The has words  filter options can be best as a advance feature filtering to block domains from where you receive junk emails.

has words filter gmail

After you setup your filter options just click on create filter and you are done.

gmail filter settings

Now click on create filter with this search and you can see this screen, and you can see this window.

setting up filter on gmail

You can do is create a new Labels as junk or any name you prefer select the apply label and from the drop down and choose the label.

All done now hit on create filter.

You can even open up your spam email from inbox and then click on more and then click on filter message like this.

filter message gmail



Gmail Alias

Set up Alias in Gmail, this will also help you avoid spam, you can sign up to different services creating different alias.



icon-bullhorn  Most of the promotion emails and newsletter comes with an Unsubscribe link in the button, click on that and unsubscribe if you don’t wish to receive their emails in future.

That’s all you need to do, let us know if your opinions and ideas please leave comments.

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