stop-spam-on-yahoo-inboxYahoo ! Mail Inbox is overwhelmed with spontaneous mass mail  ? now is the ideal time to take care of that.

We will follow steps how to stop spam emails flooding your inbox.


Steps  1. Log in to your Yahoo email account and click on gear icon on the top,  click on the settings.

yahoo accounts


2. On settings click on filters and from the left top click on add

creating yahoo filters


3. Include filtration so that e-mail containing certain words, brands, or maybe phrases usually are routinely slipped into the junk folder. It’s also possible to guarantee that almost any e-mail at a certain identify are placed inside the folder you need.


An example of spam email subjects Get Rich Click, An Important Decision You Must Make, Money back guarantee you can add them as subjects to filter.



An example of spam email body  icon-ban ” Well, this is a sad story, asking for money. And, of course, since it’s email, the content and the headers can’t easily be verified.”

BOOST Your Website’s Traffic An ad for cheesy-sounding internet services.”

yahoo email filter setings

Below there is a option, then deliver the email to the following folder select spam or delete or you can create a new folder to move.



4. Ultimately you can block the senders email address.

Click on block address below filters, and then add the email address you want to block and click on block and Save all the settings.

yahoo block senders email address

Leave your comments and tell us about recent spam emails you received.

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