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Whether you are a blogger or Journalist or an editor, as a content writer you can spend a great deal of valuable time all over the Internet. You struggle to develop content that is relevant, current and accurate. To make an impact on your reader, the consumer, you need to have the best tools available to assist you in the many tasks in this undertaking.

You can do a better job with your photos, your language, your design all while keeping your work organized and yourself focused by accessing some super-handy tools.

Key to high quality content marketing is increasing the intelligence of your consumer. This can be done more effectively by taking your content to the best it can be. Putting forth the best information to our audience turns them into customers!
Try these tools that are free.




At the core of any good message is its truth. This is usually found in accurate research, which can be time consuming and requires much diligence. Using a tool such as Inboxq allows a real time stream of questions that can be found related to your industry, products, and general interests. These can be scaled specifically to the needs of your business. Directly to our browser, this tool is available across many devices.



Sometimes the best investment you can make is to purchase quality written material from experts. The service Essaymama is the place to make purchases of content that is high caliber for your business. But when this is feasible, these same experts are available here to provide you with improvements to your original content in written form. At the site provides a comprehensive service not just for the student essay, but for needs of quality content material too. They work with an elite team of writers are timely and efficient. When the struggle is with mechanics, or style or grammar, the service can pinpoint the problem areas and offer solutions.



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Generating social media marketing across many platforms can be mind-boggling. Help is available easily at Trello, its is a free, easy and flexible way to organize anyone and anything. It allows you to drop the lengthy email threads, paper items such as no-longer-so-sticky notes, files such as out-of-date spreadsheets, and some of the more clunky software. With Trello, your project pieces and parts become visible in for managing your projects a single glance.



Dafont is one of the oldest (since 2000) tools to help desktop publishers with their font needs is still relevant, and useful today. When a product passes the test of time it is favored by users for being easy and simple. With a few clicks, fonts are easy to access alphabetically or other quick listings. Their question forum is helpful and the software is updated regularly for the newest designs. To go further, they have a tools section, which makes some font software for sale.




If you have ever felt annoyed or frustrated while reading something on the Internet that is poorly constructed, full of errors and uses poor quality English, you know the value of a good proofreading tool. Likewise, if you spent serious time developing original content you want to secure the authenticity of your words by running it through a checker. Both of these are available at goproofreading. They strive to make sure your personal documents are flawless and ready to be submitted to a public audience.

Use Plagtracker  or Copysccape to check your content for uniqueness.




Everything on the Internet is generated through the click of a mouse. This is the same instant that you need to grasp and hold onto your audience. We are creations of visual stimuli. Effective imagery that accompanies your words, and you business, products and services are made more accessible with a tool like thinglink . Here you will find images to accompany your content, or ways to feature your products. Imagery can increase consumer intervention. This tool also offers real time analytical of your customer contact. You can use this imagery to develop an interactive App!




Keeping a social media presence means email contact with readers, customers and other contacts in your industry. To keep everything about your contacts right inside your inbox is a s easy as using a tool like rapportive.This email tool goes a little further. It adds a rich contact profiles to your Gmail accounts that allows you to see what people look like, where they are based and even what they do. The intent is to establish a rapport by mentioning similar and shared interests with the goal of growing your network with more connections on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others.


A great downloadable tool for easily capturing screenshots is jing. It allows you to alter shots with different markup features and can even help you send them to your social media platforms. A particular feature with Jing is its recording feature offering a few minutes of instant and focused communication with your viewer/reader.

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Social Media marketers have to make every minute count through effective time and task management. The tools at focusboosterap are designed to help you, with the use the focus booster digital pomodoro timer. Timesheets from your day are eliminated, and effectiveness is recorded wit their simple app.

Coming up with a plan for keeping up with your social media content doesn’t have to be as difficult as it may seem. In this digital age, there are plenty of tools to help generate leads, enhance engagement and keep you on your toes of the wealth of communications that can take over you, and your life!


But social media marketing works… and there are numerous studies that have proven this. Investment of time, effort, creativity and sometimes some funds is necessary, not just a luxury. Studies also show search engine rankings are improved with quality content marketing!


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Tony Patsios
June 30, 2015

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May 13, 2015

Another great tool for content writers is Brightpod. It takes the entire campaign planning