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The introduction of the different social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter has transformed not only the way people socialize but also the way we carry out our business on a daily basis.

Business and companies have been at the forefront of incorporating these channels into their marketing strategies because they’ve finally realized the beneficial aspects. Individuals have also taken it to the social platforms to market their brands and websites. The benefits of social media are countless.
Content marketers have also enjoyed the benefits that social media has brought us. These platforms have presented them with a perfect avenue for sharing valuable information with their audience. The fact that these social channels offer marketers a cheaper option to advertising their products makes it perfect for them.

As a social marketer who is looking to make the most of the social media, here is a list of some of the tools that you need to consider. They are all designed to make your social marketing experience run as smooth as possible.


Image and design tools

With social media, visual content tends to sell more as compared plain text. Users are more attracted to visual content because they consider it as appealing. Therefore, as a social marketer, you need to give your audience what they want. These tools can help you create outstanding images that will attract viewership from your audience.




1) Thinglink

This tool allows you to successfully embed content within your image. With Thinglink, you can easily embed product descriptions, tell stories behind an image and add links to purchase pages of products. The main goal here being to try and increase your click-through rate and call for customers’ interaction.



2) Canva


With Canva, you can easily design graphics even without prior knowledge. The design tool was specifically designed to ease the designing process. As a rookie, you can successfully create beautiful designs by simply making the most of the drag and drop feature.



Plagiarism tools


To keep your audience intrigues, you need to provide them with fresh and high quality content. You cannot achieve this if your material is not original. Plagiarism is a very serious offence online and it can really hurt your website. These tools can help you ensure that everything you offer is non-plagiarised.



3) Unplag

unplag Unplag is a plagiarism detection engine that checks content for originality. You can use the tool to scan through content against 16 billion pages that have all been indexed by the Unplag database, Bing and Google. The tool can run the test within just 4 seconds.


4) PlagControl

plag controlPlagControl is one of the most popular plagiarism tools that allow you to protect your content. The tool works in such a way that it searches the internet for content that looks exactly like yours.


Writing and editing tools

For social marketing content, you need to create awesome content that is capable of attracting readership. You cannot afford to create mediocre content and expect people to still follow you. These tools can help you come up with amazing content that will captivate your audience.


5) Paper Rater

paper raterBesides just helping check for plagiarism, Paper Rater also works like a Natural Language processing engine that will help you to improve your writing skills by helping you as the writer avoid false positives on grammar detection which is very common when writing.


Screenshots tools

The fact that human beings are visual creatures means that you cannot run away from this if you really want to succeed as a social marketer. With these tools, you can have great screenshots for your social media posts.



6) Jing

With Jing, you can easily capture screenshots, alter them the way you want and upload them to your social media channel. Jing is unique in such a way that it comes with a recording feature that is maxed at five minutes for instant focused communication.


7) Awesome Screenshot

awesome screenshot
This plug in was created based on Google Chrome but it can also be used in some of the most popular browsers such as Mozilla. The fact that the plug in built in to the browser makes it perfect for users. It makes it easy to use because you do not have to download it, install it and run it separately. You can just install it on your browser and use it conveniently.



Author Bio: Lynn Usrey, a freelance writer and editor. Also Lynn teaches writing on writing courses in Orlando, Florida. See her page.

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August 25, 2016

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