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You know what the biggest problem is with visitors to your website? The ones whose opinion you’d most like to know are the ones who are the least likely to give it! Who am I talking about? I’m talking about all those people who click away and don’t buy your product. If they would only talk to you then you could make the necessary changes to make them less likely to click away.

But they don’t – or at least they didn’t. Why do I say that? Because more and more tools are becoming available to watch and talk to exactly those customers, giving you valuable insights about what to change and what to update.

Here we’re going to talk about ten.

1> Google Analytics

Yes, you’ve probably heard of this product. That’s not because all writers are lazy, but because it’s probably one of the best tools out there. Google analytics can give you so much insight into where people are going, how they are getting there and whether they stay when they do.

For example, you can find out the bounce rate for different keywords. If you’re finding that some keywords have a much higher bounce rate than others, then you know you’re not giving those customers what they want. That can be a valuable insight into where your website is promising but not delivering.


2> Google Search Bar

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Similarly, be sure to install the Google Search Bar for your page. In this way, people can type in what they’re looking for if they don’t immediately find it. This both lets you analyze what they’re actually looking for, as well as making it less likely that people leave your page.

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3> Crazy Egg

With this tool you can see where people are clicking on your page as a heat map, allowing you to visualize how people are interacting with your page and where they’re clicking the most. What’s more, it allows you not just to see what links they’re clicking on, but also where they’re clicking but there are no links.

These bits of information will allow you to redesign your page so that those thinks they are most likely looking for are the easiest to find, as well as making the things they think are links are actually links, thereby increasing the UX and by extension conversions.



4> Live Chat


If you’re annoyed with a page, it’s quite a hurdle to find the email address, open your email, put in the address and send a well-worded email to make it clear what you’re looking for – especially as you can’t be certain when they’ll get back to you.

A live chat function has a much lower threshold and thereby means visitors are much quicker to use it. This means you’ll be able to steer them towards what they need, increase trust and the UX, as well as figure out what they’re actually looking for.




5> A/B Testing

05_abtestingAnd sometimes letting people vote with their feet is exactly how you should gather your information. If you create two different pages that are subtly different and then watch which convert better and which leads to more people clicking away, you’re doing A/B testing.

The great thing about this software is that you don’t just get to find out what people think they do, but what they actually do. The two are not always the same and ultimately it’s the behavior your care about.



6 >Writing services

So many people spend so much time focused on the pictures, the placing, the colors, the buttons. But what about the words? Excellent copy is going to increase trust and promote conversions, as the right words can hit the right unconscious triggers and deal with doubts before they’re fully formed.

To get that kind of high-quality text if you’re not a writer, you need to look at Custom Writing Services. They can help give you that high-impact text where it matters.


7> Click Tale

For a while there after we moved from brick-and-mortar to online shopping, what visitors did in our shop was hidden from us. Not anymore.

With Clicktale you can look at the behavior of visitors to your site in terms of mouse movements, clicks as well as key strokes, with individual visitors stored as flash videos. This can give you valuable insights into what is working, what is confusing them and where you need to take another look.


Last Thoughts
To get people to convert you have to give them what they want, be it information, the right resources or just peace of mind. You can only do that, however, if you can figure out what they actually want!

Now that’s possible with a whole host of products tracking, measuring and exploring what users are doing and why they might be doing it. The black box of visitor behavior has been opened.

Are you going to look inside or leave that for your competitors?




Julie Ellis is an entrepreneur, marketing and social media expert from Miami, FL.  Follow Julie’s LinkedIn and Twitter to get more about millennials, social media and modern business trends.

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