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Using an iPhone is real fun, especially if you’re aware about the amazingly rich features and functions embedded within the device. Internet browsing on an iPhone is something that can add fun and glamor to your smartphone experience. There are times when you’d want to hide your identity while going online via your iPhone. It is here that the role of a reliable VPN service comes to play. Well, if you aren’t familiar with the ins and outs regarding VPN usage for your iPhone then you’ve landed on the right post. Here, I’ve covered some interesting details about hiding your identity on iPhone via VPN.

VPN- What changes does it bring to your iPhone?

Although just like other iPhone applications, VPN adds considerable value to your device. Its private browsing feature enables you to visit an unlimited number of websites; without revealing your identity to anyone. Two important considerations pertaining to VPN  usage  in an iPhone include:
Checking the availability of VPN services for the Apple device used by you.

icon-arrow-circle-o-right An in-depth understanding of the working of VPN

icon-arrow-circle-o-righ VPN Services-Where to find them?

Just like the wide array of applications available for Apple products, the Apple iStore acts as a hub for some of the finest VPN applications. You can choose from a wide collection of VPN applications including: SpotFlux VPN, Hot Spot Shield and many more. All these VPN applications can be easily downloaded, but on a one trial basis. While most of these VPN services come with a data limit of 300MB, you can subscribe to some monthly or yearly packages for availing a greater data limit.

iPhone VPN- How does it work?

In order to gear up with the usage of iPhone VPN, all you need to do is simply connect your iPhone with the application which then assigns user with a specific Internet Protocol address. This IP address is hidden from other web surfers, allowing you to hide your identity from any public network, Wi-fi spots and other 3G networks.
VPN Services- Varied advantages
Well, there are ample number of advantages attached to the VPN service registered for an iPhone. Not only is it easy-to-afford but it even serves as an excellent solution for searching stuff that can’t be viewed via a specific country’s IP address. You can easily choose to subscribe to the reputed VPN services on a monthly basis by paying a small amount of cash. If you’re keen on preventing yourself from falling into the trap of spammers and hackers, subscribing to a VPN service for your iPhone is definitely an excellent solution.

Five finest VPNs you’d love to use for your iPhone

1. VyprVPN

VyprVPN is tailored to meet the needs of iPhone users who don’t want to share their personal details with anyone while surfing the internet using the device browser. VyprVPN is a fast, 160-bit VPN service with a 256-bit OpenVPN encryption, 3 day free trial,3 simultaneous connections and much more.
2. Private Internet Access


Known for its fantastic speed, Private Internet Access is a VPN service that comes with stunning security features including: Bitcoin payment, no logs, shared iPs(Internet Protocols), leak protection(IPv6 and DNS), Bitcoin payment, port forwarding etc.
3. AirVPN


AirVPN is one of the highest ranking VPN services used by iPhone users residing in different parts of the world. Having originated from Italy, AirVPN doesn’t expect you to conform to the Data Retention Directive. Equipped with a stunning AES 256-bit OpenVPN encryption, AirVPN lets you use the Tor, SSL and SSH tunnels. The only downside of this VPN service is that it doesn’t offer simultaneous connections.
4. ibVPN

A cheaply priced VPN service; ibVPN comes with an appealing iOS support via a detailed setup guide. Great security features such as PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPsec have made ibVPN one of the most recommended VPN services among iPhone users who’re looking forward to protect their identity while going online via their iPhone.
5. ExpressVPN

With an incredible iOS support, ExpressVPN serves as an outstanding service for iPhone consumers who want to keep their profile hidden from public networks. Zero logs and great speeds make ExpressVPN one of the most reliable VPN options for iPhone consumers. The auto-configuration utility provided by ExpressVPN allows you to set up your handset in a simple way.
Wrapping Up
With an array of benefits attached to the usage of VPN in an iPhone, I’m sure you’d have definitely got tempted to subscribe to a renowned VPN service package. So, what’s keeping you waiting? Go ahead and choose to set up VPN for your iPhone now!


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