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Early in year 2014, the predictions of experts who in 2008 said that mobile internet users will overtake desktop internet users by this year have come true.
It was one of the biggest news that year, the number of people who use mobile devices to access internet has surpassed the number of those who use their desktop computers.


This is definitely the most important fact that shows how important it is to make your website mobile-friendly, but it is not the only one.
There are quite a few more facts and numbers that you need to keep in mind.


 Desktop vs. Mobile vs. Desktop and Mobile.

desktop vs mobileOne thing that is absolutely essential to keep in mind that many mobile internet users also use their desktop computers to access the web.
In fact, the percentage of people who ONLY use their mobile devices to access internet is still not a large one, although it is definitely on the rise.
The number of people who primarily use mobile devices to access the web is also on the rise.
In some parts of the world, mobile internet users are the majority, in India, Saudi Arabia and South Africa, for example.

Due to the fact that the majority of people still use both their desktop computers and their mobile devices to access the internet, it is very obvious that your mobile version of the website needs to be just as functional as the desktop version. If the users notice that they cannot access certain features on their mobile devices, their opinion of the website will become negative.



Emerging markets.

emerging marketWe have already mentioned that in certain parts of the world, mobile internet users are the majority and this is something that is quite easy to understand.

The first reason for this is that the infrastructure for ADSL and cable internet never managed to spread outside of larger urban centers, which resulted in a rather small number of desktop internet users. Mobile devices are more affordable and it is easier to provide internet access via these devices, which is why in such areas, the mobile internet user is the king.

What needs to be understood is that these are huge markets, with India alone having population of more than billion and 200 million. When you factor in additional markets and those that are yet to enter the mobile internet game, it becomes obvious that a website that does not reach the mobile users is virtually non-existent.

The Future.

the futureThe most important reason why your website needs to be mobile-friendly is the future which is very clear when the habits of internet users are in question. It took very, very little for mobile devices to become commonly used to go online. For instance, just in the period between September 2013 and September 2014, mobile internet usage in the United States grew by 73%. We are talking about 12 months here and a growth of three quarters. This is unheard of.


When you consider the fact that pretty much all mobile phone users are switching to smartphones, which means that they will be soon using their phones to access internet as well, we are talking about percentages that are well over 80% of the general population (and more in some parts of the world). With the additional drop in desktop internet users and their switching to mobile phones, it becomes crystal clear that your website will barely exist unless it is mobile-friendly.
Closing Word.


In essence, the shift from desktop to mobile when it comes to internet use is something that is happening and that is more than inevitable. It is a fact. As someone who owns a website or who is in the process of having one designed for your needs, you need to ensure that it is absolutely and completely mobile-friendly, not just accessible.
It is a fact.

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