Naveed Ganatra

Car tires happen to be one of the expensive vehicle maintenance items that need to be covered at any cost since these are the only part of a vehicle in direct contact with the road. Perhaps that’s the reason as to why the quality and durable falken tyre contributes extensively to the vehicle safety. When you can’t even think of sliding behind the wheels without buckling the seat belts, when you come up with a plethora of concerns to sort out while you are up to buy a new vehicle, then why wouldn’t you be cautious when it’s about the safety? Here are few facts that you probably didn’t know about the car tyres. So let’s dig in:

Under-Inflation is the leading Cause of the Tire Blowing Out

Car tires are usually quite tough and strong enough to take a lot of abuse but driving on a tire having too little air would surely have life-threatening implications. The underinflated falken tire would lead to the sidewalls becoming weak. The integrity of the tire’s sidewall is very critical perhaps that’s the reasons as to why driving on an under-inflated tires can put you & your car in serious trouble. Nowadays, there is are sophisticated tire-pressure monitoring systems installed in the vehicles. At almost every gas station, the compressed air is free so one shouldn’t have any excuses to pump up.

Over-Inflation is a Terror Itself

If you want falken car tire to last longer and give you a smooth drive, be very careful while getting the tyre inflated. Just think of it as strong rubber balloons. Pumping too much air in it would surely lead to nowhere other than blast. Almost like a mini-explosion, the popping tire can have grave outcomes especially when it blows while driving at high speeds. Moreover, the over-inflation impacts your car tire’s health in many other ways as well. Pumping too much air will lead to the premature wear and is also likely to damage the suspension of your car.

Tire Wears Indicate a Nightmare

In case you find the front tires of your vehicle wearing unevenly, the wheel alignment is then out of whack. It’s recommended that one should have the alignment checked at least once in a year. Furthermore, you can simply spend the money you might otherwise spend to replace tires that are worn. If you drive in a city environment and are subject to driving over the pot holes, it’s imperative of to get your alignment checked 2-3 times in a year.

Don’t Prolong the Mini-Spares

If you think the mini-spares are good, I say these are great. But leaving them for longer than it’s necessary shouldn’t be practiced. Just think of it that way, why would it lie in the category of spare-items if it was so durable to be used for longer term. If your vehicle is wearing the mini-spares for the longer time, it’s likely to blow out or losing control of your car, since the safe motion of your car considerably depends upon tires with matching tread widths.


There are few facts that you didn’t know about the car tyre. Just check out the article and discover some amazing facts herein.

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