At present, we use numerous electronic appliances at our homes, and some of them have become an inseparable part of our daily life. Water Geysers aren’t an exception. The places where the weather is cold most of the time of year, a water geyser is a mandatory thing to own. Even the places where the weather varies around the year, people use lukewarm or warm water for babies, kids, and elder members.

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As per Indian circumstances, these geysers are most relevant winter gadgets. Let’s take a look at what to look for in a Water Geyser before buying one:


1.  Energy Consumption

The most important feature of a water geyser is its power consumption. Your geyser’s electricity consumption should not exceed the monthly budget of your electricity bills. A reliable Geyser should be able to heat up water efficiently with low power consumption.

It is advised to prefer buying tankless water geysers. It heats the amount of water being used instantly, unlike geysers with tanks.


2. Safety

Safety is another critical aspect to look at when buying an appliance that is using both water and electricity. It can be very dangerous if somehow, you came in contact with both, water and electricity. Also, heating water for too long can produce excessive vapor, which may result bursting of the appliance if it is under a lot of pressure. To prevent this, there should be an auto-cut option in your water geyser. When the water is hot enough, the auto power cut stops the power supply to the geyser and you are notified about it by the light or noise indicator.

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3. Longevity

Water geysers tend to decay and become useless because of the type of water in the area it is being used, the built and the material or the geyser’s body. So, the longevity factor should be considered while buying a water geyser for home. If your home gets hard water supply, you should choose specific geysers made for hard water. Also, geyser body that is made with fiber is better than that of iron or steel. Tankless geysers last longer than geysers with water tanks.


4. Space

We are living in an era where space matters. There are flats/homes with very limited space, and every appliance should fit in there perfectly or efficiently. So for you, there are options like horizontal or vertical geysers available to choose from. Horizontal and small geysers are for kitchen and smaller bathrooms, whereas, horizontal geysers can be a perfect option for low roof bathrooms.


5. Built, Design and Look

There are different types of geysers like geysers with tanks, tankless geysers, horizontal, vertical, gas geysers and electric geysers. Also, there are geysers with different design and material. Before buying one, you should consider the pattern, type, and materials that suit your budget and bathroom.

These appliances, being essential and risky at the same time, cannot be bought blindly. Like every other appliance, it should be safe, budget friendly and most importantly consume less energy. Also, maintenance is the key to make your water geyser efficient and last longer. So, buy the right product by inspecting all its features and maintaining it carefully.


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