Why is Swaddling a Must?

 There are many reasons given by the parents that why they don’t swaddle their babies some of them are as follows;   

 • The little fights the swaddle.  
 • He pops out of the swaddle.
 • He will get addicted to it
 • Little one cries when he is swaddled.  
 • Swaddling is not good for the babies.
• Swaddles do not allow the little ones to exercise.
• Swaddles do not allow the little ones to self-soothe.

These are just excuses. The fact is that newborns should be swaddled as it is essential for their good health. Swaddling isn’t mostly required by older babies. Most infants are swaddled till the age of three months not more than that. Following are the top 5 reasons to swaddle the newbornbaby. 

Top 5 Reasons to Swaddle the Newborn Baby

Reduce SIDS

  In the year 2007, there was a meta-study research held by the Journal of Pediatrics on swaddling. From this research, it was concluded that swaddling reduces the risk of SIDS. Swaddling makes it tough for the little on to roll over and unintentionally cover their head and face with bedding or the blanket. Swaddling reduces the risk of the baby to flip over while asleep assuring his security and reducing the risk of developing SIDS.   Note that the newborn should never sleep on his stomach and always put the swaddled baby on his back. Once your baby starts to roll then his days of swaddling are over. The rate of developing SIDS is higher in babies who are swaddled and put to sleep on their stomach.  

Basis for Soothing

Swaddling is no magic. It would not put the baby to sleep immediately or stop his crying. As a matter of the fact, swaddling makes the angry, irritated and annoyed resulting in a louder cry. This is the reason it isn’t liked by some parents. Swaddling is the base of soothing techniques, incorporate it with some other technique liked by the baby and it will help to put the baby to sleep.  

Sleep Better

  Newborns who are swaddled tend to sleep soundly and for a longer period of time than those who aren’t swaddled. It helps to prevent the babies from startling. Swaddling will help the newborns to sleep for a longer period than having small naps which help the parents as well.   As a mother, you may want to know more, don’t worry as you can here click to learn more in a few minutes only regarding the best swaddle blankets.

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