While traveling, things can become difficult for you if you are not carrying food along. On Indian trains, getting food is as such not an obstacle since you are bombarded with different types of food from the station itself. You will get ample variety of food items at the platform too. And the actual train is more like a carousel of vendors, all of whom offer foods of different types and styles.

In the old times, people who didn’t feel like buying snacks and meals from vendors could buy them from the pantry car. While that option is good even today, there are many travelers who shudder at the mere thought of being completely dependent on the mercies and vagaries of the pantry car. They are plagued by concerns such as hygiene and cleanliness, and rightly so. The Indian Railways are not exactly known for their cleanliness standards.

The change that the modern times have brought is the availability of the foods of choice to the present-day traveler.  It is possible to go for ecatering if you don’t want pantry car food.

Ordering a meal

Here are some steps that you should follow if you want to place your order with an online eCatering concern.

  1. Go online on any device – laptop, ipad/tablet, or smartphone.
  2. Search for companies that provide meals of choice while traveling.
  3. Select any one of your choice.
  4. Fill in the asked for details, such as PNR, date of journey, etc.
  5. Take a look at the list of restaurants and eating joints that would cater to you.
  6. Select the one you like best and go through the menus.
  7. Decide on your meal, delivery station, and time of time.
  8. Make the payment, via credit card, debit card, online transaction, etc.

This is all it would take to finalize your meals for the journey. All ecatering companies have a dedicated customer service team that tracks the order and informs the customer about the delivery of the ordered food.

You are free to go for any type of cuisine you like – Indian or international. Buying food from a reputed company would ensure that you will get tasty food that’s been prepared in a hygienic, food-grade environment.

It is rather difficult in the pressing times of today to carry food along when you are so strapped for time throughout. Getting food without trouble is definitely a very welcome change in life for travelers of all types- whether regular or otherwise.

When issues like food and entertainment are taken care of, it is easy to look forward to a journey. Any small, niggling problem assumes a gigantic form when its solution is not in sight. Now you can easily plan a journey, whether short or long, easily, with nary a worry in your mind about the availability of hot, fresh food along the way. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

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