Enable Google Page speed Dashboard Widget on W3Total Cache

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Staff March 30, 2015

Make sure you have the latest version of W3 Total Cache installed.

1. Get the Page Speed API Key from the Google APIs Console.

2. Now login with your Google account, if you haven’t created a project then a pop may appear saying create a project, wait till the page loads, accept terms check on accept.

3. Now you see library, on the address bar paste this url


4. If you see You are signed in as XXX@XX.com (your email), but you don’t have permission to access this project. You can try to load another project, or sign in as a different user.

5. Click on load another project on the left sidebar click on services tab on the next window

5. Look for PageSpeed Insights API, click on the “off” button next to it to enable it, remember you will have to accept all the terms and conditions Google presets to you.

6. Click on pageSpeed Insights API next page click on API Access on the same Google apis, scroll down towards the Simple API Access and copy your API key.
If you cannot see the Api key click on create new server key click create it will display you access keys and copy the Api key that comes up.

7. Now on your WordPress admin W3 Total cache plugin > general settings > Miscellaneous.
Enable Goggle Page Speed dashboard widget and enter the API key you copied earlier under the Page Speed API Key and click on save all settings.

8. Then go to your W3 Total Cache plugin dashboard; Performance > Dashboard and scroll down to the bottom to see a new Google Page Speed report running.


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