The art of managing human capital talent over the years has been labelled as being the main function of the job of a human resource employee. Enter the office in the morning, sift through the documents on the table, update the records, apart from ensuring day to day chores on the floor & employee satisfaction. However, over the years, updates in both technology as well as the manner in which we talent consulting firms have been outsourced enterprise human capital needs, have allowed for an entirely new field to emerge out of HR role, that has been touted to be the all-new talent management domain.

While businesses today are competing in ever-changing demographics, the reality is shifting towards a premise which requires the ever-changing HR to evolve. This needs a fine-tuning of skills. While graduation degrees pave the way for the applicants to enter into the first round of interviews, it is the 21st century’s online certification industry that has matured thousands of average professionals into fully-aware gurus of talent management in human resource management.

A talent management degree could give the chance to an HR to propel its career 10 levels up. Believe us not. Take a look for yourself at the career-changing online certifications that have been put on a show by the Talent Management Institute. Combined with the foresight of industry experts and the efforts of researchers who have tirelessly laboured through the years to bring forth a one of a kind credential, TMI is the one-stop solution for the HR of tomorrow. If you are a professional who wants to safeguard their career amidst the turmoil of mass-firings and unpredictable macroeconomic events, Talent Management certifications are a wonder to look at and accomplish.

Talent Management Practitioner – In case you have recently graduated your way out of the gates of your college, the TMP degree is the just the thing you need to bolster your HR resume. The graduate should preferably have gained a degree in administrative or a business management domain to follow the concepts that have been detailed in the TMP.

Senior Talent Management Leader – Designed for the mid-career HR professional. Those going for this program gain themselves an unaccountable advantage over others by pre-qualifying for the TMI-Wharton Associate Fellow of Talent Management program. This association with one of the leading universities in the world, showcases the institute’s inclination, to go the extra mile and offer only the best to people.

Global Talent Management Leader – Meant for those who have already spent a considerable amount of time in this field and have the potential to become literally the next industry leader. the GTML is the final stamp of authority which is required to jump over the hurdles stopping you from gaining your best potential. Again, enrolling for this option automatically pre-qualifies the individual for the prestigious TMI-Wharton program.

Registering for the certification has been made easy, just log onto and head to the dedicated section to send forward your application.

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