For Google, giving quality search results to end users have always been the foremost priority. To achieve the target, it takes steps from time to time, does algorithm changes and lets the world know some trends and updates. Panda and Penguin are efforts from Google to boost the quality of searches and benefit end users.

Whereas Panda is a series of algorithm changes targeted at rewarding high-quality content and penalizing low-quality ones, Penguin is more geared towards curbing black hat SEO techniques. If the former encourages the use of high-quality content then the latter is about letting users go with only ethical ways of link building schemes.

The ffirst Panda update was released on 23 February 2011 while the first of Penguin updates hit the market on 24 April 2012. Since then, both have been a regular features and they continue to draw a roadmap for marketers or SEO people to follow.

Author Bio:

This infographic is contributed by Akshay Sharma. He is a blogger at Imagination Waffle. He works for Mind Digital Group.

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