How to Delete Adsense Account

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Staff March 19, 2015

To Delete Google Adsense Account
1. Sign in to your AdSense account.

2 Click the gear icon and select Settings.Click the gear icon and select Payments.

3. In the “Account information” section, click cancel account. Click Payment settings in the left sidebar menu, then, next to “Account status”, click cancel account.

4.Review the information on the “Cancel account” page:

If your account meets all of the requirements to receive a final payment.
If your account does not meet all of the requirements to receive a final payment…
When you receive the cancellation email, click on the link to complete the cancellation process.
On the “Account cancellation” page, a message is displayed telling you that your account has been successfully cancelled. Any remaining account Administrators will then be notified that the AdSense account associated with their Google Account has been cancelled.


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