How To Download Specific Part Of YouTube Video a example: only a song or a clip or a dialog which comes under a movie or any video

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Staff July 14, 2015

To download specific portion of YouTube of any video online follow the below steps.

1. Launch clip converter

2. Paste the YouTube Url or upload any media file you have.

Download Specific Part Of YouTube Video

Select the conversion format such as Mp3 or any other format you want, check on start of video and end of video.


3.  Now input the time beginning and end time. Example: You have a 1 hour video, but you want to download a favorite part [may be a song or a scene] which starts at 10 minutes and ends at around 12:20 minutes, in this case put 00:10:00  in the start of video [ hour: minute: second] and 00:12:20 end of video.

downloading specific part of video

4. After you have selected your timings click on download. That’s IT


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