How to Encrypt Email Address To Protect it From Spams

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Staff May 12, 2015

Worried about getting spams while sharing your email online?


With Spamty you can encrypt your email as well as include a Human verification system into it before posting or sharing it online.

So If somebody has to see your email he/she needs to open the link and has to solve a Captcha and then will be able to see your email address.



Launch Spamty

encrypt email


And enter your email address then click on Encrypt, complete the verification captcha.

Now you can see a Link

encrypting email

Shorten the URL if you find it too long.


Now copy the Shorten URL and keep it safe, so whenever you are required to drop email address online, you can always paste the url so the person needs to go through the verification process to see your email address.


Note: This will not pass the contact forms where you are required to put email address while contacting.


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