How To Find Facebook Friends On Snapchat

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Staff June 18, 2015

Synchronizing between SnapChat and Facebook is not possible but we can do one simple trick.


Before we do that we will sync our Facebook friends with phone contacts, lets get started.

Open Facebook App on Android.

Go to Menu >Settings> Account & Sync

Tab on Facebook,Select the “Sync contacts” option
Click “Sync Now”.


On iPhone

Go to iPhone’s Settings menu and scroll down until you see Facebook there you have to sign in to activate.

After sign in Simply tap “Update All Contacts” .

Note:it also syncs your Facebook events to your iPhone Calendar simply slide to “off” if you don’t want.


Now let gets started with Snapchat.

Tap “My Contacts” in your Profile screen.

adding friends on snapchat
All of your phone contacts with or without Snapchat accounts will be displayed.
See the friends with Facebook and Invite them.[if they already have snapchat they can simply find and add you]

Image credit: Snapchat support


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